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Laptop motherboard IC Equivalent

List of compatible Laptop motherboard ICs

It is normal if ever your laptop got damaged. There can be various reason for this. It might be the fault of a processor, memory, RAM, battery or some other component present in the motherboard. A defaulted or damaged IC ...

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Laptop Motherboard Programmable I/0 Chips

which are programmable io chips for laptop motherboard

Programmable I/O Chip Microcontroller List The new programmable I/O controller will not work unless you write specific EC bios, which comes with the laptop motherboard. It is pre-installed in the Super I/O chip. For example, If the model of the ...

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Acer TravelMate B113 SATA jack pinout

Acer TravelMate B113 SATA jack pinout and MSATA pinout. In this video tutorial, you will come up to know about the Acer B113 laptop SATA jack pinout like the data connection and power connection. You will also learn the MSATA ...

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How To Fix Bios ME Region Problem

How To Fix Bios ME Region Problem In Laptop

In this How’s to article, I will tell you how to fix Bios ME Region Problem. It might seem difficult, but it is very easy and sophisticated task. All the information related to solving this problem is given below. You ...

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Hp Laptop Blink LED Error Codes

I am explaining the method of how to detect Hp Laptop Blink LED Error Codes. In this piece of information, you will come up with the procedure of detecting a specific fault in the Hp laptops. This method relies for ...

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How To Program Laptop KB9012 I/O Chip

How To Program Laptop KB9012 I/O Chip. In this article, I am going to introduce you with the procedure that how to program laptop KB9012 I/O chip. As, you know that, oftenly there are two bios in the laptop’s motherboard. ...

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