DDR3 RAM Slot Tester
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DDR3 RAM Slot Tester

DDR3 RAM Slot Tester for sale. Our site offers you DDR3 RAM tester for the first time in Pakistan. Now you can check all the laptop’s ram slots without tracing with a multi meter by using this DDR3 RAM tester. Just attach the DDR3 RAM tester in your RAM slot. If the LEDs on tester start glowing, then be sure that your ram slot is perfect. By using this RAM tester, unlock your IBM laptops’ password. All you need is a BIOS programmer and aDDR3  DDR3 RAM tester. By connecting the wires at one point with SDA and SCL and the other point with the bios programmer. DDR3 RAM Slot Tester available for sale in Lahore|Pakistan. Our all equipments are genuine and excellent in condition. You can also request for your desired item. And, we’ll provide you with the best quality products everywhere in PAKISTAN at Cash On Delivery.


Price:- Rs 1500

Contact:- +923474115447

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