Disable Windows 10 Volume Popup Overlay

By Ammarrauf01

Disable Windows 10 Volume Popup Overlay. In this article, you will read how to dismiss Windows 10 volume popup overlay. When you play media content in Chromium-based browsers, the Windows 10 volume popup overlay appears. Many people dislike it because of its big size and the long display time.

Sometimes, this volume popup overlay disappears in a few seconds, but sometimes it doesn’t. Because of this many users want to disable it. So, here we have given some methods to solve this issue.

How To Dismiss Windows 10 Volume Overlay?

Sometimes, the volume overlay gets unable to dismiss. If you want to dismiss the volume popup overlay just simply click on the app name in the overlay. If the app name is not present, then click on the song name or album name in the pop-up.

Disable Windows 10 Volume Popup Overlay - pic1

How To Disable Windows 10 Volume Popup Overlay?

To disable the media control volume overlay over Chrome, follow the steps given below:

1.Open Google Chrome.
2.Type ‘ chrome://flags/#hardware-media-key-handling ‘ on the address bar and initiate the search.
3.The’Hardware Media Keys Handling’ option should be on your screen.
4.Click on the drop-down list beside it and select the ‘Disabled’ option.
5.Finally, restart Chrome.

Disable Windows 10 Volume Popup Overlay - pic2

6.It will disable the volume popup overlay and will also disable the media keys in Google Chrome.