Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts

By Ammarrauf01

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts. In this article, you will read how to log off a Windows 10 in different ways. Logging is a feature in which a user exit their accounts. In Windows, the logoff button can be an issue. The simple option to sign out is in a different place for Windows 10. I have discussed 5 Windows logoff shortcuts that work in Windows 10.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts:

Method 1 – Sign Out From Start Menu:

Microsoft shifted the logoff option from the Power button from Windows 8 and onwards. The name has also gotten changed from logoff to sign-out. To sign out from the start menu in Windows 10:

1.Click on the account name in the start menu.
2.This will open a small menu.
3.It has the Signout option.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts - pic1

Method 2 – Use The Power Users Menu:

The users who currently upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 7 will not recognize this many. Microsoft initiated the Power User Menu in Windows 10. It is a great addition to the taskbar. To have access to this menu:

1.Right-click on the Start menu.
2.You can also press the Windows + X keys.
3.Click on the Shut down or sign out option, after the Power Users Menu opens.
4.Then a side menu will open with Sign out, Shutdown, Sleep and Restart options.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts - pic2

One other shortcut to sign out even faster is by pressing the Windows+X keys from the keyboard. Then, press U and I keys to sign out. It is the fastest way to sign out the Windows 10.

Method 3 – Using Alt +F4:

It is a very fast sign-out option:

1.Clear out your desktop by minimizing or closing all Windows.
2.Press the Alt + F4 keys.
3.It is the shortcut to close most windows. The Shutdown Windows dialog will pop up on the screen.
4.Click on the drop-down menu.
5.Select the Sign out option.
6.Click on OK to log off your account.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts - pic3

Method 4 – Use Run Command:

It is a quick method to sign out from Windows 10. To do it:

1.Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
2.Type Logoff.
3.Press Enter to sign out instantly from your account.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts - pic4

Method 5 – Make Windows 10 Sign Out Shortcut:

You can create a logoff shortcut and put it on your desktop. To do so:

1.Open the Windows search bar.
2.Type Logoff.
3.The Logoff Run command will appear as the top result.
4.Right-click on it.
5.Select the Open file location option.
6.You will find a logoff.exe file in the folder that opens on your screen.
7.Right-click on and move the cursor to the Send to option.
8.Then select the Desktop (create shortcut) option.

Easy Windows Logoff Shortcuts - pic5