Genius G840 USB Programmer Software

By Ammarrauf01

Genius G840 USB Programmer Software. Genius G840 Bios GAL Programmer Software free download. We are giving the software for G840 bios programmer for free. It is an EEPROM flash programmer. Genius 840 USB programmer is a universal bios gal programmer. This programmer is used for EEPROM flash 51 AVR PIC MCU SPI. and supports more than 6000 chips and SPI 24/25/93 EEPROMS. It is a low-cost programmer with high performance;
an effective guarantee against damage to a user or programmer IC itself.

Salient Features Of Genius G840 Bios Programmer:

It is a 40-pin ZIF socket programmer. This programmer is very convenient to use because of the feature-USB connection as it uses no external power supply. The software of this programmer is compatible with Windows Vista, Windows 8 and Windows 10. G840 programmer solves the PIC16F73, 77. . .93CXXX other error problem. It solves the problem of loading files. This programmer also supports PIC18FXXX family.

It can program the PIC series automatically with a load of hex file. They have loaded configuration information functions. Winbond W25Xxxx and many other 8pin EEPROM can also be flash by this programmer. It has flash support for a total of more than 6500 kinds of the IC to download.

There is software to upgrade the Genius 840 bios programmer. You can update the latest version of the programmer software without any limitation of the firmware. You can upgrade the program only by downloading the software by having access to the internet.

Genius G9840 bios programmer has the feature of pin-contact detection accuracy. The event of poor contact or insertion release error, which promptly terminate the operation. The terminated operation results of re-instruction: software interface shows that light flashing instructions.

It is pocket-sized and has a compact exterior design. This programmer is beautiful and generous, with the convenience of portability.

Supported Versions For Genius G840 Bios Programmer Software:

The list for the supported versions of the G840 programmer software are:


AMD/MMI========== nos=54


AM2716B AM2732 AM2732A AM2732B AM2764

AM2764(SOIC28) AM2764A AM2764A(SOIC28) AM2764AP AM27C64

AM27C64(SOIC28) AM27128 AM27128(SOIC28) AM27128APC AM27128B

AM27128P AM27C128 AM27C128(SOIC28) AM27128AF AM27BV128

AM27256HV AM27256HV(SOIC28) AM27C256 AM27C256(SOIC28) AM27C256B

AM27C256B(SOIC28) AM27C256F AM27BH256 AM27C256P AM27H256

AM27512 AM27512(SOIC28) AM27512HV AM27C512 AM27C010

AM27C010(PLCC32) AM27C010(TSOP32) AM27H010 AM27HB010 AM27C020

AM27C020(PLCC32) AM27C020(TSOP32) AM27C040 AM27C040(PLC32) AM27C040(TSOP32)

AM27C080 AM27C080(PLC32) AM27C080(TSOP32) AM27C1024 AM27C210

AM27C2048 AM27C400 AM27C4096

ATMEL========== nos=43


AT27C64(SOIC28) AT27HC64 AT27HC64L AT27C128 AT27C128(SOIC28)

AT27C128/L AT27C256(DIP28) AT27C256(PLCC32) AT27C256L(DIP28) AT27C256L(PLCC32)

AT27C256R(DIP28) AT27C256R(PLCC32) AT27C256RL(DIP28) AT27C256RL(PLCC32) AT27HC256

AT27HC256L AT27HCQ256 AT27C512 AT27C512(SOIC28) AT27HC512

AT27512R AT27HCQ512L AT27C010 AT27C010(PLCC32) AT27C010(TSOP32)

AT27C010L AT27C010A AT27C020 AT27C020(PLCC32) AM27H256

AT27C020L AT27C020A AT27C040 AT27C040(PLCC32) AT27C040(PLCC32)

AT27C040L AT27C040A AT27C1024 AT27C210 AT27C2048

AT27C400 AT27C4096

CATALYST========== nos=20


CAT2764A(SOIC28) CAT27C128 CAT27C128(SOIC) CAT27C128A CAT27C256

CAT27C256(SOIC28) CAT27512 CAT27512(SOIC28) CAT27C010 CAT27C010(PLCC32)

CAT27C010(TSOP32) CAT27C020 CAT27C020(PLCC32) CAT27C040 CAT27C040(PLC32)

CAT27C040(TSOP32) CAT27C080 CAT27C080(PLC32) CAT27C080(TSOP32)

CYPRESS========== nos=18


CY27C128(SOIC28) CY27H128 CY27C256 CY27C256(SOIC28) CY27H256

CY27C512 CY27C512(SOIC28) CY27C010 CY27C010(PLCC32) CY27C010(TSOP32)

CY27H010 CY27C020 CY27C020(PLCC32) CY27C020(TSOP32) CY27C040

CY27C040(PLCC32) CY27C040(TSOP32)

FUJITSU========== nos=42


MBM2716A MBM2716B MBM2732A MBM2732A MBM2732B

MBM2764 MBM2764(SOIC28) MBM2764A MBM27C64 MBM27128

MBM27C128 MBM27C128(SOIC28) MBM27C256 MBM27C256(SOIC28) MBM27C256A

MBM27C256H MBM27C512 MBM27C512(SOIC28) MBM27C1000 MBM27C1000(PLCC32)

MBM27C1000(TSOP32) MBM27C1001 MBM27C1001(PLCC32) MBM27C1001(TSOP32) MBM27C2000

MBM27C2000(PLCCP32) MBM27C2000(TSOP32) MBM27C2001 MBM27C2001(PLCC32) MBM27C2001(TSOP32)

MBM27C4001 MBM27C4001(PLCC32) MBM27C4001(TSOP32) MBM27C8001 MBM27C8001(PLCC32)

MBM27C8001(TSOP32) MBM27C1024 MBM27C210 MBM27C2048 MBM27C400


GENERAL========== nos=30


2716A 2716B 2732 2732 2732

2764 27C64 27128 27128A/P 27C128

27256 27C256 27256HV 27512 27C512

27C512(SOIC28) 27512HV 27010 27010(PLCC32) 27010(TSOP32)

27C010 27C010(PLCC32) 27C010(TSOP32) 27C020 27C020(PLCC32)

27C020(TSOP32) 27C040 27C040(PLCC32) 27C040(TSOP32)

HITACHI========== nos=33


HN27128AG HN27C128 HN27128P HN27C256 HN27C256A

HN27C256AK HN27C512 HN27C512G HN27C512P HN27C010

HN27C010(PLCC32) HN27C020 HN27C020(PLCC32) HN27C020(TSOP32) HN27C040

HN27C040(PLCC32) HN27C040(TSOP32) HN27C080 HN27C080(PLCC32) HN27C080(TSOP32)

HN27C101 HN27C101(PLCC32) HN27C101(TSOP32) HN27C201 HN27C201(PLCC32)

HN27C201(TSOP32) HN27C401 HN27C401(PLCC32) HN27C401(TSOP32) HN27C801

HN27C801(PLCC32) HN27C801(TSOP32)

HVUNDAI========== nos=1


ICT========== nos=9


27CX010 27CX010(PLCC32) 27CX010(TSOP32) 27CX020 27CX020(TSOP32)

27CX040 27CX040(PLCC32) 27CX040(TSOP32)

INTEL========== nos=42


2716A 2716B 2732 2732A 2732B

2764 27A/C64 87C64 27128 27128A

27C128 27256 87C256 27C512 27010

27010(PLCC32) 27010(TSOP32) 27C010 27C010(PLCC32) 27C010(TSOP32)

27010A 27020 27020(PLCC32) 27020(TSOP32) 27C020

27C020(PLCC32) 27C020(TSOP32) 27040 27040(PLCC32) 27040(TSOP32)

27C040 27C040(PLCC32) 27C040(TSOP32) 27C080 27C080(PLCC32)

27C080(TSOP32) 27C1024 27C210 27C2048 27C400


MATUSHITA========== nos=2



MICROCHIP========== nos=9


27C32A 27HC64 27C64A 27C128 27C128A

27C256 27HC256 27C512

MITSUBISHI========== nos=12


2716B 2716B 2732 2732A 2732B

M5L2764 M5L27128 M5L27128K M5M27C128K M5M27C256


MXIC========== nos=8


MX2716A MX2716B MX2732 MX2732A MX2732B

MX27256 MX512

NEC========== nos=34


D2716A D2716B D2732 D2732A D2732B

D2764 27C64A D27128 D27C128 D27C256

D27C256AP D27C256K D27C256AK D27C256P D27C512

D27C512A D27C512AK D27C100 D27C101 D27C1000

D27C1001 D27C2000 D27C2001 D27C4000 D27C4001

D27C8001 D27C1024 D27C210 D27C2048 27040(TSOP32)

D27C400 27C040(PLCC32) D27C4096

NS========== nos=40


NM2716A NM2716B NM2732 NM2732A NM2732B

NM27C64 NM27C64B NM27C64Q NM27128B NM27128BN

NM27C128 NM27C128AN NM27C128B NM27C128BN NM27C128Q

NM27C256 NM27C256BQE NM27C256Q NM27C256BN NM27LC256

NM27C512A NM27C512Q NM27LC512 NM27P512 NM27C512

NMC27512 NMC27512A NM27C010 NM27C010(PLCC32) NM27C010(TSOP32)

NMC27C020 NMC27C020(PLCC32) NMC27C020(TSOP32) NMC27C040 NMC27C040(PLCC32)

NMC27C040(TSOP32) NMC27C080 NMC27C080(PLCC32) NMC27C080(TSOP32)

OKI========== nos=12


MSM2716 MSM2716 MSM2732 MSM2732 MSM2732

MSM2764A MSM2764AS MSM27128A MSM27128AS MSM27256AS


RICOH========== nos=2



SEEQ========== nos=5


DQ2764A DQ27128 DQ27C256 DQ27C256

SEG_THMSON========== nos=22


2764 M27128A M27256 M27C512 M27C010

M27C010(PLCC32) M27C010(TSOP32) M27C020 M27C020(PLCC32) M27C020(TSOP32)

M27C040 M27C040(PLCC32) M27C040(TSOP32) M27C080 M27C080(PLCC32)

M27C080(TSOP32) M27C1024 M27C210 M27C2048 M27C400


SIGNETIS========== nos=3


27C128 27C512

SMOS========== nos=3


27C128H 27C256

SONY========== nos=2



TI========== nos=23


TMS27C64 TMS27PC64 TMS27128 TMS27C128 TMS27CP128

TMS27C256 TMS27PC256 TMS87256 TMS27C512 TMS27CP512

TMS27C010 TMS27C010(PLCC32) TMS27C010(TSOP32) TMS27C020 TMS27C020(PLCC32)

TMS27C020(TSOP32) TMS27C040 TMS27C040(PLCC32) TMS27C040(TSOP32) TMS27C080

TMS27C080(PLCC32) TMS27C080(TSOP32)

TOSHIBA========== nos=31


TMM2732 TMM27C32 TMM2764 TMM2764A TMM2764AD

TMM2764ADI TMM2764AP TMM27128 TMM27128A TMM27128ADI

TMM27128AP TMM27256A TMM27256AD TMM27256B TMM27256D

TMM27512 TMM27512B TMM27512DI TMM27C010 TMM27C010(PLCC32)

TMM27C010(TSOP32) TMM27C020 TMM27C020(PLCC32) TMM27C020(TSOP32) TMM27C040

TMM27C040(PLCC32) TMM27C040(TSOP32) TMM27C080 TMM27C080(PLCC32) TMM27C080(TSOP32)

VLSI========== nos=6


VT2732 VT27C64 VT27128 VTC256 VT27C512

WSI========== nos=10


WS2732 WS27C64F WS27C128F WS27C256F WS27C256L

WS27C512F WS27C512L WS27C010F WS27C010L

ST========== nos=84


M2716A M2716B M2732 M2732A M2732B

M2764 M2764A M27128 M27128A M27128P

M27C128 M27128AF M27BV128 M27C256 M27C256(SOIC28)

M27C256B M27C256F M27BH256 M27C256P M27H256

M27512 M27512(SOIC28) M27C512P M27C512(SOIC28) M27C010

M27C010(PLCC32) M27C010(TSOP32) M27H010 M27C020 M27C020(PLCC32)

M27C020(TSOP32) M27C040 M27C040(PLCC32) M27C040(TSOP32) M27C080

M27C080(PLCC32) M27C080(TSOP32) M27C1000(PLCC32) M27C1000(TSOP32) M27C1001

M27C1001(PLCC32) M27C1001(TSOP32) M27C2000 M27C2000(PLCCP32) M27C2000(TSOP32)

M27C2001 M27C2001(PLCC32) M27C2001(TSOP32) M27C4001 M27C4001(PLCC32)