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How To FixTwitch Error 3000

Twitch Error 3000. In this article, you will read what is the cause of the media resource decoding error and how to fix Twitch error 3000. Twitch is a popular streaming website. It is used all over the world. They also have started Esports which brings a new dimension to the streaming platform. This has increased the number of viewers of Twitch from all across the world.

Besides, its popularity, it has lots of bugs and errors. One of the bugs is the 3000 media resource decoding error, which is also called Twitch Error 3000. This error pops up when the user is streaming or watching videos. Here, we will discuss various methods to fix this issue.

What Is The Cause Of 3000 Media Resource Decoding Error?

Some of the causes by which this error occurs are:

-It is caused by the video’s decoding system of the HTML5 and other web modules.
-Cookies are turned off for websites.
-Hardware acceleration is enabled in your web browsers.
-Browser cache is full or filled with corrupted cookies.

How To Fix Twitch Error 3000?

Method 1 – Disable Hardware Acceleration:

By disabling the hardware acceleration, it can solve the Twitch error 3000. The hardware acceleration is the feature in which the browser uses hardware components of the computer to enhance its performance. To disable the hardware acceleration, follow the steps given below:

For Google Chrome:

1.Open Chrome.
2.Click on the menu button, the 3 vertical dots located in the right upper corner of Chrome.
3.Select the Settings option.
4.Then scroll down and click on the Advanced option.
5.Keep scrolling down and locate the System Now turn off the toggle of the Use hardware acceleration when available option.

Twitch error 3000 - pic1

6.Close down Chrome and restart it.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1.Open Firefox.
2.Click on the menu button, the 3 horizontal lines in the upper right corner of Firefox.
3.Locate Options and click on them.
4.Scroll down until you find the Performance section.
5.Then uncheck the Use recommended performance settings option.
6.Now, uncheck the Use hardware acceleration when available option

Twitch error 3000 - pic2

7.Close the Firefox and restart it. Check if the Twitch error code 3000 is solved or not.

Method 2 – Allow 3rd Party Cookies:

When 3rd party cookies are turned off, then the media resource decoding can occur. Try to enable them and check if the problem is solved.

Cooking is important to get a better experience of any website. They are the small messages that are used as a reference when the browser opens the website. To enable the cookies:

For Google Chrome:

1.Open Chrome Settings (follow Solution 1).
2.Then click on the Advanced option.
3.Scroll down to locate the Privacy and security section.
4.Click on the Site Settings option.
5.Then click on the Cookies and site data option in the Permissions section.
6.Enable the Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended) toggle.
7.Next, disable the Block third-party cookies toggle.

Twitch error 3000 - pic3

8.Restart Chrome to check if the problem is solved.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1.Open Firefox Options (follow solution 1).
2.Now, click on the Privacy and Security tab on the left side of the screen.
3.In the Enhanced Tracking Protection section, check if the 3rd party cookies are restricted.
4.If yes, then select the Custom option.
5.Then click on the drop-down bar beside the Cookies option.
5.Select any option other than All cookies and 3rd party cookies.
Or simply uncheck the Cookies box.

Twitch error 3000 - pic4

6.Restart the Firefox to check if the Twitch error 3000 is solved or not.

Method 3 – Clear Cache History And Stored Cookies:

Clearing the cache history can solve the problem. You have to follow the same steps in chrome and firefox to delete the cache. To do so:

1.Open Chrome or Firefox.
2.Press the Ctrl + Shift + Delete keys on your keyboard. This will open the Clear browsing data tab for both Chrome and Firefox.
3.Change the Time range to Everything for Firefox and All time for Chrome.
4.Make sure that the cookies are selected.
5.Now, click on the Clear now for Firefox and Clear data option for Chrome to clear all the browsing cache, cookies, and history.
6.Restart the browser to see if the Twitch error 3000 issue is solved.

Twitch error 3000 - pic5

Method 4 – Use The Incognito Or Protected Mode:

By using the incognito mode, you can bypass many web-related errors. Open the Twitch in the incognito mode, to see if this method works for you. To do this:

For Google Chrome:

1.Open Google Chrome.
2.Press the Ctrl + Shift + N keys on your keyboard.
3.Icognito mode will open in the new window.
4.Open twitch and check if you face any errors.

For Mozilla Firefox:

1.Open Mozilla Firefox.
2.Press the Ctrl + Shift + P keys on your keyboard.
3.Protected mode will get open in the new windows.

Method 5 – Use Twitch App Or Any Other Browser:

If no solution works, then try to open the twitch in any other browser or use the mobile app. Many users have reported that this error usually happens in chrome. So try to open it in edge, opera, or firefox. The mobile app is the best option of all.

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