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Laptop motherboard for sale. We are selling new laptop motherboards at a cheap price as compared to market rates. You have seen laptop motherboards on other different sites at very high rates. You will prefer to buy a new laptop instead of the motherboard. Don’t make mistake by choosing a wrong motherboard, because many people are making this blunder. Our site is offering these motherboards at very reasonable prices. You can order your motherboard online. Our all laptops are 100% tested by highly qualified technicians. We are selling all types of laptop motherboards like:
– Intel motherboards
– AMD motherboard with or without GPU Nvidia or Ati radion
– Integrated processor motherboard (AMD and Intel)

If your laptop has any problem and you go to a laptop repairer for its repairing. The technician asks you for a high amount of money to fix it. No need to worry about, we can fix your laptop at very low rates. Because we buy all laptop parts and motherboards directly from China. We also provide Online Laptop Repair Service, which is best and reliable. If you can’t come and are far away from us. You can send your laptop to us via TCS by cash on delivery.

How to know which motherboard is suitable for your laptop?

It is very easy to know which specific motherboard is compatible with your laptop. For example, your laptop brand is Toshiba and model is C850. This laptop comes with 4 to 5 motherboards that are:-

1. Toshiba C850 AMD motherboard with (GPU) built-in Ati Radion 3d card

amd laptop motherboard with gpu
2. Toshiba C850 AMD motherboard without (GPU)

3. Toshiba C850 Intel i3 i5 or i7 motherboard with Nvidia (GPU)

4. Toshiba C850 Intel i3 i5 or i7 motherboard without (GPU)

5. Toshiba C850 Intel Pentium builtin processor motherboard

All brands of the laptop come with specific model numbers. They have different types of motherboards in it, like the one I have given the example as above.
It is very easy to know that which motherboard is right for your laptop. You have to do the simple task. Open up your laptop. Take the motherboards and search for motherboard part number on it. Like if your laptop motherboard part number is LA-8941P, search it on a google it will show your laptop model. The motherboard part number will look like:

1. la-8941p rev 1.0
4. NET 1210 REV.1.0
5. 6050A2438301-mb-a02
6. NM-A361

what is laptop motherboard partnumber

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We have various laptop motherboards for sale in large quantity on our website. If your desired laptop motherboard is not on our list just text or mail us. We will highly cooperate with you in arranging your desired motherboard. It is to be noted that we have genuine system pulled motherboard. We have service of laptop motherboard for sale in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Multan, Peshawar, Faisalabad, Sialkot and all over the Pakistan where TCS is available. Our delivery method is cash on delivery. The shipment of your motherboard will take 2 to 3 working days. Please have a look at the brands of various laptop motherboards that we are selling.

1. Sony Laptop Motherboard
2. Dell Laptop Motherboard
3. Toshiba Laptop Motherboard
4. Hp Laptop Motherboard
5. IBM Laptop Motherboard
6. Lenovo Laptop Motherboard
7. MSI Laptop Motherboard
8. Asus Laptop Motherboard
9. Acer Laptop Motherboard
10. Samsung Laptop Motherboard
11. Apple Laptop Motherboard
12. Fujitsu Laptop Motherboard


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