PCI Diagnosing Card For Sale
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PCI Diagnosing Card

PCI Diagnosing Card with 4 digits and 8 LEDs that show 12v+, 12v-, +3.3v,+5v, Clk,Frame,Irdy. which is for PC’s diagnose. It has built-in buzzer speaker. It can diagnose 8 types of BIOS. It consists of an EEPROM IC. Your device can be updated from it and it can diagnose the latest laptop models. It is the latest laptop diagnosing card with the help of which you can check the fault of your laptop and PC. This product is 100% new and working. You can order this diagnosing card by contacting the number below. The delivery procedure is cash on delivery all over Pakistan.

1. For easy access to your desktop in various ways, it consists PCI BUS, ISA BUS & LPC interfaces & USB port.
2. 8 LEDs. For 12v+, 12v-, +3.3v,+5v, Clk,Frame,Irdy.Clk
4. Buzzer speaker.

Price :- Rs 900

Contact 03474115447

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