Chromebook Hard Disk Upgrade 16GB To 64GB In Pakistan

By Ammarrauf01

We can upgrade Chromebook hard disk up to from 16GB to 64GB; only in just 20 minutes. We have all kind of compatible EMMC memory ic for your laptop and Chromebook. The memory upgrading will be from 16GB to 32GB and 64GB. We can also install windows in your Chromebook along with all drivers. The mouse and sound will be 100% working.

Labone is the first in Pakistan that is working on this. We can increase your Chromebook memory by reballing the eMMC memory ic. We had worked a lot on this tough procedure and researched too. It is a very difficult process because you have to look for each and every eMMC type that which one is compatible one. We also change the mini laptop eMMC ic which are built-in them. All the eMMC built-in ic can be changed in all types of Chromebook that have permanent eMMC in them like Samsung Chromebook, Acer Chromebook, Asus Chromebook, Lenovo Chromebook, Toshiba Chromebook, and, Hp Chromebook.

We have given the video below. This is how we change the eMMC ic.

The price of the Chromebook is very cheap. However, the cost of eMMC is quite expensive in the market. So, the price we are charging is very low and reasonable. The cost that we are charging is half the price of eMMC from the international market. We are not charging for our labor. Though, it is a quite good and cheap deal. As a gift, we will install the windows bios for free in your laptop Chromebook for free. Now, you will be thinking of the warranty. Here is the good news for you that we are giving two months warranty. If any problem occurs related to the eMMC ic, we will fix it within two months.

If you are not in our city and want to upgrade your Chromebook memory; You can also send your laptop via TCS on our Google map address. The pricing details are as under:

32 GB eMMC: Rs. 2000/-
64 GB eMMC: Rs. 3500/-

Contact# +923474115447