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Website Blocked Due To PUP By Malwarebytes

Website Blocked Due To PUP By Malwarebytes. In this article, you will read why Malwarebytes blocks websites and how to fix a website blocked due to PUP by Malwarebytes issue. Malwarebytes is a potent anti-malware software. It is a reliable source for detecting potentially unwanted programs (PUP). Other than PUP, it can detect various malware and viruses. It can detect threats your computer faces, even in its free version.

Why Malwarebytes Blocks Website?

Malwarebytes is a malicious website blocker software and sometimes it becomes overprotective. It can block websites that you want to access. It is one of the best programs to get malicious websites blocked. When this happens, it will show a ‘Website blocked due to PUP’ message. After then, you will be redirected to the page.

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Sometimes, it falsely detects the website that is a threat to your computer. However, it is not really harmful to your computer. There is no way to fix the error at that moment. You can whitelist the website in Malwarebytes if you think that it is not harmful to your PC. The websites that you have whitelisted will not be checked by the Malwarebytes and you can have easy access to all of them.

How To Unblock Website Blocked Due To PUP By Malwarebytes:

If you think the website that you want to visit is fully secured and trustworthy then you can stop Malwarebytes to not to check a certain website. For this, you have to add that particular website to the whitelist of the Malwarebytes. To add the websites to the Malwarebytes whitelist, follow the steps given below:

1.Open the website that gets blocked on your web browser.
2.Now, open the system tray from Taskbar by clicking on the small upward pointing arrow icon.
3.Right-click on the Malwarebytes icon from the tray.
4.Select the Add (“Domain Name”) to Web Exclusions icon from the pop-up menu.
5.In place of “Domain Name” the actual domain name of the website open in the browser will be written.

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After whitelisting, it will not get blocked. You can also manage the whitelist with the Malwarebytes app. Just open the settings and select the Web Exclusions option. You can add a new domain there or remove some of the added websites from the whitelist to block them again.

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