What Is Mrtstub.EXE File

By Ammarrauf01

What Is Mrtstub.EXE File. In this article, you will read what is Mrtstub.EXE and how to delete Mrtstub.EXE files. Many users are not aware of the Mrtstub.EXE files and ask what Mrtstub.EXE files are on the external hard drive. You may find these types in an unknown location and are named ‘mrt.exe._p’ on the drives.

I also experienced it some time ago and it was located on the local disk C and the location was C:\5d6785e7d009c42323dd4321aa\mrtstub.exe. It seems like a malware, but it is not. It will cause no harm to the computer.

What is Mrtstub.EXE File?

Malicious Software Removal Tool creates various temporary files while running on your computer. These files get saved on a specific location in the main drive. Any error or unexpected system behaviour will skip a file during the scanning and this file left behind after the scanning is completed. These files are Mrtstub.EXE and were saved in mysterious locations. These do not cause any harm to the computer.

You should remove these files. Restart the computer after running the Malicious Software Removal Tool. This automatically removes the temporary files at the start of the computer.

How To Delete Temporary Files Such As Mrtstub.EXE?

You should remove these files as they resemble the malware files and it may also affect your computer system with time. Follow these steps and delete it:

1.Open ‘Windows Explorer’.
2.Type the file name ‘mrtstub.exe’ in the search box.
3.Press ‘Enter’.
4.If you find any, select all of them by pressing ‘Ctrl + A’.
5.Then press ‘Delete’ button.
6.Click on ‘Yes’ to remove them from your drives.
7.Close Windows Explorer.
8.Go to recycle bin.
9.Delete them permanently from your hard drive.
10.These files are also named as mrt.exe._p and $shtdwn$.req. Search for them too, as these may remain hidden in other locations.