WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue

By Ammarrauf01

WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue. In this article, you will read what is WLAN Module issue and how to fix the WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped issue.

What Is the WLAN Extensibility Module Issue?

Running a wireless network in Windows 10, many users have come across an error stating that the ‘WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped‘. It means that access to the internet has been stopped and you have to fix this issue. But, what does the WLAN Module problem actually mean?

Using a wireless network connection using an adapter, you will see an address being used to access the network from the server. To make it function properly, router and WLAN card drivers need to be up to date. Check the laptop manufacturer’s website for firmware updates related to the adapter.

If any of them is not up to date, an error message will show up stating, ‘WLAN Extensibility Module has stopped‘. To fix this, you have to check the official site of the wireless adapter manufacturer. Malware and viruses can also cause such errors. Run an antivirus scan to remove malicious files from your computer.

How To Fix WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue?

Method 1 – Disable and Enable Wireless Network Connection:

The first method is to deal with the Wi-Fi adapter problem. To solve this issue:

1.Type ‘Control Panel’ in the search box.
2.Click on the control panel desktop app.
3.Go to ‘Network and Internet’.
4.Click on ‘Network and Sharing Center’.
5.Select the Wi-Fi connection to manage.
6.Click on ‘Disable’.
7.Then, ‘Enable’ the connection.
8.Reboot the system.
9.Check whether you can access the internet or not.

Method 2 – Restart WLAN AutoConfig Service:

If the above method didn’t fix the WLAN Extensibility Module has been stopped in Windows 10 problem, then try this method:

1.Press Windows key + R to get the Run box.
2.Type ‘services.msc’.
3.Press ‘Enter’.

WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue - pic1

4.It will open the service dialog box.
5.You need to scroll down and find WLAN AutoConfig.
6.Right click on ‘WLAN AutoConfig’.
7.Select ‘Properties’ option from the drop-down menu.

WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue - pic2

8.Select ‘General tab’ on Properties.
9.Choose ‘Startup type – Automatic’.
10.Click on ‘Start’.

WLAN Extensibility Module Has Stopped Issue - pic3

11.Select ‘Apply’.
12.Click on ‘OK’.
13.Access the internet to check the connection.

Method 3 – Power Management:

Follow the below steps:

1.Go to ‘Control Panel’.
2.Select ‘Device Manager’.
3.Go to ‘Network adapters’.
4.Choose the Wireless Network.
5.Right click on ‘Wireless Network Adapter’.
6.Choose ‘Properties’.
7.Select ‘Power Management’ tab.
8.Uncheck ‘Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power’.
9.Click on ‘OK’ to enable it.
10.Now, your computer will not turn off any program automatically. It will let you choose what you want to run.