Adblock is not working on Twitch

By Ammarrauf01

Adblock is not working on Twitch. In this article, you will read how to block Twitch ads if Adblock is not working. Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms. Many users watch their favourite streams every day on it.

Twitch runs ads on its streams to earn profit from its platform. This keeps the platform running as well as supports the content creators. But, some ads can be annoying and irrelevant. Many users want to block them for smooth streaming. But, many users have complained that Adblock is not working on Twitch.

How To Fix Adblock is not working on Twitch?

Here, I have given some methods to block Twitch ads. Follow them.

Method 1 – Update Adblock:

Many users use Adblock to block ads on Twitch. But, Twitch is not letting Adblock block ads. To solve the issue Adblock has also updated its version. Try to update Adblock and see if it block ads on Twitch or not. To do so:

1.Open Chrome.
2.Click on the Menu button (3 dots icon).
3.Select the More tools option.
4.Click on the Extensions options.
5.In the Extensions menu, turn on the Developer mode toggle on the screen’s upper right side.
6.This will unlock some options on the top of the screen.
7.Click on the Update option to update all the installed extensions.

Adblock is not working on Twitch - pic1

8.Restart Chrome.
9.Open Twitch to check if the Adblock is working.

Method 2 – Change Adblock Settings:

Sometimes Adblock extensions start blocking ads automatically as soon as they are installed. But, sometimes it needs a manual change in settings before they start blocking Twitch ads. Follow the procedure below to change the settings of the Adblock extension on Chrome to make it block Twitch ads.

1.Open Chrome.
2.Click on the Adblock extension’s icon beside the address bar.
3.Select the menu icon (3 dots icon) of the Adblock extension.
4.Click on Options.

Adblock is not working on Twitch - pic2

5.In the General tab, scroll down and uncheck the Allow ads on specific Twitch channels option.

Adblock is not working on Twitch - pic3

6.Restart Chrome and open Twitch.
7.Check if Adblock is working or not.

Method 3 – Change Advanced Chrome Settings:

If the two above methods do not work, then a little change in the advanced Chrome settings can fix it. To do so:

1.Open Chrome.
2.Type chrome://flags in the address bar.
3.Press Enter to open Chrome Flags.
5.In the flags search bar, type Network Service and press Enter.
6.Disable the Runs network service in-process and Data reduction proxy with network service options that appear on your screen.
7.Save the changes before restarting Chrome.

Method 4 – Try Alternate Player:

Alternate player is an extension for Twitch. It stops most of the ads from the live streams. By using this extension, you can broadcast live streams on any media player like VLC Media Player or MX player.

This extension can be downloaded on any browser like Chrome, Firefox, and Edge.

Method 5 – Skip Twitch Ads On Android:

Twitch also has an Android app. You can stream Twitch on any Android device rather than using the browser. When an ad appears on the Twitch app, simply press the Learn More option in the upper right corner of the media player. After doing that, immediately tap on the back button. This will skip the entire ad on the live stream.

Method 6 – Get Twitch Turbo:

You can buy a Twitch Turbo subscription to avoid the ads. After subscribing to Twitch Turbo, no ads will be played in the live streams.