Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription

By Ammarrauf01

Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription. In this article, you will get to know how to cancel HP instant ink subscription. HP instant ink subscription offers the best value-packed printing ink for users. But, sometimes it becomes difficult to afford it. So, you want to cancel the HP instant ink subscription. Some of you might think, that is it even possible. Yes, it is. You can do it anytime.

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How To Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription?

Here, I have given various methods to do so.

Method 1 – Cancel HP Instant Ink Subscription From HP Website:

1.Open the HP Official website.
2.Log in with your credentials.
3.Click on the My plan option from your account dashboard.
4.In this window, you’ll be able to see all of your plans.
5.Select the HP Instant Ink Plan option.
6.Scroll down to the bottom.
7.Select the Cancel Enrollment option.

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8.After the cancellation procedure start, you’ll receive a confirmation email from HP.
9.Your plan and subscription will be cancelled after your confirmation.

Method 2 – Factory Reset:

Resetting your HP printer to the factory settings will cancel all the subscriptions and all the changes that had been made so far. To do so:

1.Open the Printer Utility Tools from the Printer’s display menu.
2.Click on Tools at the top from the Open menu section.
3.Tap on the Restore Printer To Factory Default Settings.

Is It Important To Use HP Printer WIth Instant Ink?

It is not important that you use the HP printer with instant ink. You can use any regular ink cartridge and use it with the HP printer.