CH341A Programmer Software Free Download

By Ammarrauf01

CH341A Programmer Software Free Download Latest Version. In this article, you will read what is CH341A Programmer, features of CH341A programmer, what CH341A Programmer can program, advantages of CH341A Mini Programmer, how to use CH341A programmer, how to use CH341A programmer, CH341A programmer in Pakistan, and features of CH341A Programmer software.

What is CH341A Programmer?

CH341A is a Mini USB Programmer. It is a very cheap programmer with versatile features. It helps to flash the firmware software in the flash IC. There are many various types and series of flash IC that are available in the market. But, CH341A is very convenient to use. Various EEPROMs and microcontrollers can be programmed through this programmer. CH341A is a high-speed programmer with a USB interface. You can easily use it to program many devices.

It is designed in such a way that it supports 24 Eeprom and 25 SPI flash 8 pins and 16 pins SPI flash. The chip that is installed in the CH341A programmer can recognize the EEPROM 24 and SPI flash with an indicator Greenlight. It shows that the modules are working. It also supports the USB to TTL Conversation.

Features Of CH341A USB Mini Programmer:

-Budget-friendly programmer.
-Program a variety of EEPROMs and microcontrollers.
-Supports high programming speed.
-Easy connection with USB interface.
-12MHz maximum frequency.
-5V input voltage.
-Supports Windows, Linux, and macOS.

What CH341A Programmer Can Program?

It can program the following:

-Laptop Flash IC (25 series)
-Desktop Motherboard Bios Program (25 series)
-Satellite or Dish TV Receiver Flash (25 series)
-Analog Color TV Set Memory/Flash IC (24 series)
-Set-up Boxes (25 series)
-LCD (24-25 series IC)
-WIFI Network Router (25 series)
-Universal TV Card (25 series)
-DVD Flash IC (25 series)
Advantages of CH341A Mini Programmer:
-Easy to operate.
-Low cost.
-Easily available in the market.
-Clean User-Interface.
-Very small and compact programmer.
-You can connect this programmer through the USB port to a computer laptop or even mobile through a mobile OTG connector and mobile CH341A programmer software is also available.

The only disadvantage of a CH341A USB Programmer is that it does not support all flash ICs.

CH341A Programmer Software Free Download

How To Use CH341A Programmer?

CH341A programmers read and write data on SPI and EEPROM IC. It saves you a lot of time. Here, I will guide you how to use the CH341A programmer. The only requirement is that your system must have a compatible OS like Windows XP or later and a 2.0 USB port. You will also need an adapter cable to connect the CH341A programmer to the USB port.

1-Remove IC from the board.
2-Connect IC in CH341A USB Bios programmer.
3-Insert CH341A USB Bios programmer in PC
4-Open CH341A Programmer Software (Download link given above)
5-Download CH341A Programmer Software.
6-In the software first read IC.
7-Then erase IC data.
8-Blank the IC.
9-Open and select the firmware that you want to upgrade.
10-Click the ‘ Write ‘ option.
11-After writing and verifying, complete the process.

CH341A Programmer In Pakistan:

The CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM programmer is not only the smallest but also the cheapest programmer of the other programmers available in the market. You can also buy it online. It is also a very easy-to-use, convenient, and user-friendly programmer. The best thing about this USB programmer is that it auto-detects the IC number like the other expensive programmers. It programs the whole 24 Series and 25 Series. CH341A USB programmer programs laptops, PCs, and CCTV cameras. It can read, write and erase all the latest laptops. The usage of this programmer is very easy.

Many online websites are selling CH341A USB Programmer. But, from our website, you will find the most economical price for this programmer. You can buy a CH341A programmer from the link given below:

Download Link For CH341A Programmer Software Free Download:

This CH341A 24 25 Series EEPROM Programmer Software works for black edition and green edition. You can download the CH341A Programmer Latest Version Software for free. It contains all types of drivers. The way to download the software is that you have first to extract it. Then run it without any installation. This software is 100% working with the easy installation process. Our website is offering CH341A Mini Programmer Software for free cost and without any hurdles of registration.

Features Of CH341A Programmer Software Free Download:

The new CH341A Mini Programmer Software supports some new updates that are given below:
-I2C detection bug is fixed.
-It has a new Chinese translation.
-There are minor changes in other languages too.
-The ESMT, MICRON Spi NAND 2 planes read/write bug is fixed.
-Added support of AK6420A/40A/80A/16A.
-Added support of X24165/325/645.
-Added support of TC9WMA1FK, TC9WMA2FK
-Added support of TC97101, TC89101/102, TC89121/122, CXK1011/12/24, M6M80011/21/41.
-Added support of AK93C45A/55A/65A/75A/85A/95A/10A.
-Added support of WINBOND W25Mxxx SpiStack (NOR + NAND).
-Swapped MSB<->LSB data of BR9010/20/40/80/16.
-Added support of AT90S1200,2313,2323,2343,4414,4434,4433,8515,8535, ATtiny12,15,22
-Added detection options.

CH341A Programmer Software Free Download Latest Version:

The downloading link for the CH341A Mini Programmer Software is given below. By clicking the button, you will be redirected to the link.