EZP2010 Hi-Speed Programmer Software
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EZP2010 Hi-Speed Programmer Software

EZP2010 Hi-Speed Programmer Software. It is the EZP2010 programmer 2018 latest software. We have also given the drivers with it. It autodetects laptop bios IC. And, EZP2010 hi speed programmer software can also copy the file from one IC to the other without any need of a computer.

Major Problem With This Software:

The major problem which many people face regarding this software is that the EZP2010 programmer is not detected by the software. The drivers get installed but the software did not recognize the programmer. We have found the solution for this problem. We have done the modification in the drivers. So that the software can detect the programmer easily and you will not face any problem. If you face any problem while using the EZP2010 Hi-Speed Programmer, you can discuss with us freely.


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