Hotter Air Gun Nozzle For I/0 Chip
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Hotter Air Gun Nozzle For I/0 Chip

Hotter Air Gun Nozzle For I/0 Chip. This product is brand new and very good in quality. This hotter gun nozzle is used to remove the I/O chip. It will not cause any damage to the chip. First, you to apply the flex on the edges of I/O chip. Set the temperature of the hotter gun at 45 degrees with full air. It is to be noted that you have to only heat the I/O chip for 35 to 55 seconds, not more than that. Then vacuum out the I/O chip with the help of the pickup tool. The video demonstration is also given in the video below. You can view it for your help.

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Price :- Rs 7,00

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