How To Delete A Virtual Drive In Windows 10

By Ammarrauf01

How To Delete A Virtual Drive In Windows 10. You will come up with methods to delete a virtual drive in Windows 10. Virtual drives are very useful. They provide a safe sandboxed environment for the software. But, after its usage, it is just a waste of space keeping it. For this, we have to delete the virtual drive. Many users are unaware of how to remove virtual drives. So, I have discussed some methods to remove the virtual drive from the system.

How To Delete A Virtual Drive In Windows 10?

Here, I have given three methods by which you can delete the virtual drive. You can choose the one which you like and prefer.

Method 1 – Use Disk Management Console:

Disk Management is a tool in Windows that manages the drives installed on the PC like hard drives, optical disks, and flash drives. You can also use it for the partition and formatting of the drives. Deleting the virtual drives can also be done with the help of the Disk Management tool.

To use the Disk Management console for deleting virtual drives, follow the steps given below:

1.Press the Windows + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run utility.
2.Type diskmgmt.msc
3.Press Enter.
4.The Disk Management console will get open on the screen.

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5.Locate the virtual disk listed in the Volume section and right-click on it.
6.Now, select the Delete Volume option from the pop-up menu.
7.A dialogue will pops up and asks to back up the data stored in it.
8.If you forgot to back up the data, then click on No.
9.If you have backed up the data or don’t want to back up, then click on Yes.

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10.Wait for the volume to be deleted.
11.Then, right-click on the disk again to completely detach the Virtual disk.
12.Select the Detach VHD option.
13.If you want to delete the virtual hard disk file after removing the disk, then check that box. Finally, click on OK.

This method is very simple and easy to do. If you do not want to try this method, then try the other one.

Method 2 – Use Diskpart:

Diskpart is a command line disk partitioning utility. It is used to manage partitions of hard drives and flash drives, like the Disk Management console. It can also create, delete and merge partitions. You can also delete the virtual drive with Diskpart. To delete Virtual Drive using Diskpart:

1.Open the Run utility again.
2.Type cmd and press Ctrl + Shift + Enter to open an elevated Command Prompt.
3.Enter the following commands in the Command Prompt:
a) diskpart , press Enter
b) select vdisk file=“f:\virtual disk.vhd” . Press Enter (the “f” represent the name of the virtual disk)
c) detach vdisk , press Enter.

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4.After finishing close the Command Prompt.

Method 3 – Delete From This PC:

You can also remove the virtual drive from This PC’s properties. To do so:

1.Open This PC.
2.Right-click on the virtual drive.
3.Next, select the Properties option.
4.Click on the Hardware tab .
5.Select the virtual disk that you want to remove.
6.Then, click on the Properties option.
7.Now, select the Driver tab.
8.Click on the Uninstall Device option.

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9.Finally, restart your computer.

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