How To Fix 7 Zip Data Error

By Ammarrauf01

How To Fix 7 Zip Data Error. You will read how to fix There Are Some Data After The End Of The Payload Data error. This error happened when you tried to extract the compressed file with the help of the 7 Zip utility, but failed. You are unable to recover the data. This error mostly occurs when the compressed file or archive has been damaged or corrupted. Or, you may have the 7 Zip bug.

What Causes “There Are Some Data After The End Of The Payload Data”?

There can be many reasons that cause this error:

-7 Zip Utility fails to detect the type of archive.
-This issue is common the older builds, like 16.02. and earlier.
-7 Zip bug can also cause the “There Are Some Data After The End Of The Payload Data” error.
-7 Zip can cause the archive error with certain file types like TAR archive.
-The presence of bad sectors in the files that you are trying to extract can display a 7 Zip data error warning message.

How To Fix 7 Zip Data Error There Are Some Data After The End Of The Payload Data?

To resolve the 7 zip unexpected end of data error, follow the most effective and reliable methods given below:

`Method 1 -Rename The File Extension From .zip To .rar:

Check why the extraction utility is incompatible for specific files. One method to solve the 7 Zip data error is to rename the file extension from .zip to .rar. To do so:

1.Open the File Explorer.
2.Make sure that all the file extensions are visible.
3.If not showing then go to the “View” option.
4.Check the box of “File name extension”.
5.Now, right-click the archive showing error message while extracting.
6.Select “Rename”.
7.Then, change the file extension from “.zip” to “.rar”.
8.Click on “Yes” for confirmation.
9.At the end, right-click on the modified 7Zip archive and open it.
10.Now, you will not get the warning messages.

Method 2 – Update The 7 Zip:

The 7 Zip utility should be updated to the latest version. The 7 Zip data error warning message could be due to the 7 Zip bug due to the old version. To update 7 Zip:

1.Open the 7-Zip.
2.Navigate to the “Help” option in the ribbon bar.
3.Click it.
4.Then, click on the “About 7-Zip” from the drop-down menu.
5.Here, you have to check the build number.
6.It should be newer than 16.02.
7.If there is the latest version, then there is no need to update. And, if not you must update the 7 Zip.

How To Fix 7 Zip Data Error - pic1

8.Now, click here.
9.Check the specifications of your PC.
10.Press the download link of 7 Zip 18.05 next to different versions of PC. You have to press the link that is compatible with your PC.
11.Then open the installation and select a location to download the utility.
12.After selecting the location, press the install button.
13.When installation is finished, restart your PC.
14.Click on the Yes button.
15.Your system will restart after completing the installation process.
16.After the update, the 7 Zip data error while extracting will be solved.