How To Pin Batch File To Taskbar On Windows 10

By Ammarrauf01

How To Pin Batch File To Taskbar On Windows 10. In this article, you will read what is a batch file and how to pin a batch file to taskbar. Batch files contain multiple commands for the Command Prompt. They are executables and by just running them, you can easily perform the task that took multiple command lines at once. It will increase productivity while performing the task.

You can pin the most used batch file in the taskbar, so you can easily run it. But, doing this is not simple as pinning the other files to the taskbar. Here, I have discussed the method to pin a batch file to the taskbar.

What Is A Batch File?

Batch files consist of command lines. It can perform certain tasks when executed. This file is a kind of text that generally has a .bat extension. You just have to double-click the bat file to start it. The command will run and the task will be performed instantly.

The batch file starts with a small black screen. It is a command prompt that runs the command lines.

How to make a .bat file on Windows 10?

To make a .bat file:

1.Open the Notepad or any other text editor.
2.Then, write the commands.
3.Save it as a .bat file.

How To Pin Batch File To Taskbar?

You cannot normally pin a batch file like the other files. When you right-click the batch file, you don’t get the pin to taskbar option. But, you can pin the shortcut of the batch file to the Taskbar. Follow the steps to do so:

1.Right-click on your desktop.
2.Move the cursor to the New option.
3.Then, select the Shortcut option from the side menu.
4.Enter the following command in the location area:
cmd /c “the path to the batch file”
Example: cmd /c “F:\Users\Newfolder\New.cmd”

How To Pin Batch File To Taskbar On Windows 10 - pic1

5.Now, click on the Next option.
6.Then name the shortcut.
7.Select Finish.
8.Right-click on the shortcut that you just created.
9.Finally, click on the Pin to taskbar option.
10.Now, the batch file will be pinned to the Taskbar and you easily run it.