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Laptop PCH

Laptop PCH for sale

Laptop PCH is for sale and is now available online at very cheap price. All the equipments which are used in laptop repairing are available. It is new type of PCH which already reballed and there is no need to reball it. You have to just take off the previous PCH and install this new PCH . We have various models of PCH like HM55 PCH, HM65 PCH, HM75 PCH, HM65-67 PCH, HM55-57 PCH AND HM70-77 PCH. Laptop PCH available for sale in Lahore|Pakistan. Our all equipments are genuine and excellent in condition. You can also request for your desired item. And, we’ll provide you with the best quality products everywhere in PAKISTAN.


Price: Rs 1500

Contact: +923474115447

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