Lenovo ThinkPad W510-W520-W530 Bios Password Bin File

By Ammarrauf01

Lenovo ThinkPad W510-W520-W530 Bios Password Bin File. With the help of this file, you can unlock IBM bios password. You have noticed sometimes that IBM Lenovo ThinkPad laptop did not unlock with the bios file. In this particular case bios password information is not safe in the bios file. IBM Lenovo ThinkPad saves their bios password information in another small size chip known as EEPROM Ic. It is very difficult to find this EEPROM Ic in the IBM Lenovo ThinkPad motherboard. In this article, I will share the information about IBM Lenovo EEPROM password Ic location and its bin file, you can see the EEPROM Ic location in this picture. If you want to unlock your IBM Lenovo ThinkPad W510-W520-W530 Bios Password just reprogramme this EEPROM Ic with this bin file given below.

I will write furthermore articles related to Lenovo motherboard bios password unlock. You can review them later here. If you have some information; Please do share with us.

You can download your required Lenovo ThinkPad W510-W520-W530 Bios Password EEPROM Bin File by clicking the download button given below. And, if your required IBM Bios password EEPROM bin file is not in our list, you can directly request for it on forum.laboneinside.com

Note: It is always safe to take a backup first and then write the file on the EEPROM.

Point To Ponder:

If your IC didn’t get auto-select by the programmer, choose it manually by adding one of these of ic numbers that are: 24RF08/P24s08.