How To Open The Windows 10 Shutdown Log

Open The Windows 10 Shutdown Log. In this article, you will read what is Shutdown Event ID and how to view Windows 10 Shutdown Log. The Shutdown Event Log is an effective way to check how your computer shut down in Windows 10. If your computer shuts down automatically and do you have no idea why this happened. You can view the hidden cause in the Shutdown Event Log.

What Are Shutdown Event ID?

It is a tool that tells us all the events related to the shutdown of the computer. The Event Log Viewer shows various event IDs that indicate certain events that are related to the shutdown. Some of the common shutdown event IDs are:

1.Event ID 1074: It shows that the PC restarts or shuts down properly by the user or if any app causes it.

2.Event ID 6006: It shows that the PC was shut down cleanly.

3.Event ID 6008: It shows that the PC was rebooted without shutting down first. It is due to system failure or power loss.

How To Open The Windows 10 Shutdown Log?

You can easily view Windows shutdown logs by using the Event Viewer. Here are the steps:

1.Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
2.Type eventvwr.msc
3.Press Enter to open the Event viewer.
4.Navigate to the following location:
Windows Logs > System
5.Now, click on the Filter Current Log option in the right panel.

Open The Windows 10 Shutdown Log - pic1

6.Type 1074, 6006, 6008 in the Includes/Excludes Event IDs section.
7.Click on OK.

Open The Windows 10 Shutdown Log - pic2

8.The Event Viewer will show the event related to the shutdown.
9.Now you can check the previous shutdown logs.