How To Save Streams On Twitch

By Ammarrauf01

How To Save Streams On Twitch. In this article, you will get to know about the method to save streams on Twitch. Twitch is a streaming website. It is used by millions of people all over the world. It is also a serious career option for the new streamers, due to the increased popularity nowadays.

Twitch is a different streaming platform than Youtube or other streaming platforms. Streams are not automatically saved for viewers to see after the stream goes offline on twitch. So, the question is how to save streams on Twitch? In this piece of information, we will discuss how to archive Twitch streams locally.

How To Save Streams On Twitch?

As we know that Twitch doesn’t archive your broadcast automatically. You can archive videos manually, but only for a limited time limit. Here are some methods by which you can archive the streams on twitch.

Method 1 – Enable Video On Demand (VOD):

Video on demand is a feature of Twitch by which you can archive your whole streams as videos for your viewers. By enabling this feature, you can save your videos on twitch. To enable VOD, follow the steps given below:

1.Login to your Twitch account.
2.You have to log in from the web, because this feature is not available on the app.
3.Click on your account on the upper right side of the screen.
4.Click on the Creator Dashboard option.
5.Twitch dashboard will open on your screen.
6.Click on the menu button (3 vertical bars) on the upper left side of your screen.
7.Now, select the Preferences option and then click on the Channel option.

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8.Scroll down and locate the Store past broadcasts option.
9.Turn on the toggle.
10.All the changes made here will be auto-saved.

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By this method, your steams are saved only for 14 days. If you are a Twitch Prime member then you can save it for up to 60 days.

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Method 2 – Create Highlights From Your Streams:

You can create short highlights of your videos, which will be safe indefinitely for your viewers. You can create highlights of your streams by the steps given below:

1.Open the Creator dashboard again after logging in to the Twitch website.
2.Click on the menu button.
3.Select the Content option.
4.Click on the Video Producer option.

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5.Select the VOD you want to create highlights for.
6.Click on the three vertical dots (menu icon) beside the VOD.

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7.Click on the Highlight option.
8.A page will load on your screen that will have the VOD and two markers.
9.Put the markers at the start and end of the clip that you want to create.
10.Click on the Describe and Save option.
11.Next input the title, description and other necessary information of the highlight.
12.At the end, click on the Create Highlights option.

Delete Highlights And VODs:

So, you have learnt how to save streams on twitch, but, now you are wondering how to delete that VODs or highlights. Here is your answer. To delete the archives videos on twitch, follow the steps below:

1.Click on the menu button in the Creator Dashboard.
2.Open the Video producer again.
3.Click on the three-dot expansion icon on the VOD or highlight that you want to delete.
4.Click on the Delete option.

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