Where Are My Downloads on Windows

By Ammarrauf01

Where Are My Downloads on Windows? In this article, you will read how to find your Downloads folder and how to find your downloads not in the Downloads folder.

Where Are My Downloads on Windows

If you have a download a file using Chrome, Edge, or Firefox on Windows 10 or 11. You can find them in a special folder called ‘Downloads’. If your file gets saved somewhere else, then here is a tip for you to find it.

How to Find Your Downloads Folder?

Downloads are a specialized folder where all your downloaded items are saved. By default, it is located in the user folder with the path C:\Users[User Name]\Downloads. Here “[User Name]” is your Windows user account name.

To find your Downloads folder using File Explorer In Windows 10 or 11:

1.First, open File Explorer.
2.Click “This PC” in the sidebar.
3.Either click “Downloads” in the sidebar or double-click the “Downloads” folder in the main File Explorer window area.

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You will see all your the downloaded stuff here. All the files are saved in this location. But, there are some possible causes in which your file can be saved somewhere else. To solve this issue, read the below method.

How to Find Downloads Not in the Downloads Folder?

It is possible that your download file did not get saved in the ‘Downloads’ folder by default. For this, check your specific browser’s download history to see if it is listed there. If you are using Edge, Firefox, or Chrome:

1.Press Ctrl+J on your keyboard to open a list or tab that shows your download history.
2.Or, you can open a browser window click the menu button in the upper-right corner of the window.
3.In Firefox, the menu button looks like three lines.
4.In Edge and Chrome, the button looks like three dots.
5.When the menu appears, click ‘Downloads’.

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6.In Edge, a small “Downloads” list will appear.
7.In Firefox and Chrome, a “Downloads” tab will open.
9.To see a downloaded file’s location in Edge, locate the file in the list and click the folder icon beside it.
10.To see a downloaded file’s location in Firefox or Chrome, locate the file in Downloads tab.
11.Click the “Show in Folder” link below it.

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When you click the link, a File Explorer window will get open. It will show the downloaded file’s location. If you have moved the file after downloading it, then this method will not work.