Can’t Remove Highlight In Word Issue

By Ammarrauf01

Can’t Remove Highlight In Word Issue. In this article, you will read how to get rid of highlight in Word and what to do when you can’t remove highlighting in Word. Highlighting a sentence and removing it in Microsoft Word is very simple. However, some users experienced difficulty in removing highlighting in Word. If you have also experienced this, then read the article.

How To Remove Highlight In Word?

You can easily remove highlight from a text in Word. It is a simple process. Follow the steps to remove highlight from Microsoft Word Office 365:

1.Open the document in Word.
2.Select the entire highlighted text or a segment of the highlighted text. 3.The mini toolbar should appear beside it.
4.Click on the Highlight icon in the ribbon menu.
5.The highlighting will get removed from the text.
6.Select the Highlight icon from the Font section in the Home tab, if the mini toolbar does not appear

If the highlighted part didn’t get removed by following the above steps, then try the below mentioned method.

What To Do When You Can’t Remove Highlight In Word Issue?

Removing the highlighted text in Word is an easy task. However, sometimes there is a bug in the Word and you are unable to remove the highlighting. Formatted text can also cause this issue.

Method 1 – Use The Clear Formatting Feature:

Clear the formatting of the text to remove the highlight. The text can be simply shaded, or some other formatting may be applied to it, which makes it look highlighted. To use the clear formatting feature:

1.Open the document in Word.
2.Select the entire highlighted text or a segment of the highlighted text.
3.Press the Ctrl + Spacebar shortcut after selecting the highlighted text to clear the text formatting.
4.If Ctrl + Spacebar does not work, try using the Ctrl + Q shortcut for clearing paragraph formatting.

Point To Ponder: Ctrl + Spacebar only removes the text formatting. It will not remove any formatting applied on the Style texts, like headers. They require the Ctrl + Q shortcut. You can also use the Clear All Formatting icon (‘A’ with eraser) in the Font section of the Home tab.

If the highlighting gets removed after following the above steps, then it was not actually highlighted. It was formatted to look like one. If the text remains highlighted, try using the above-mentioned steps for removing the highlight. If still the Microsoft Word highlighting won’t go away, then try the next solution.

Method 2 – Select No Colors For Shading:

Shades look similar to highlighting. A text can have the theme shade applied to it. Theme shading can be removed by using the Clear Format feature. However, sometimes it may require manual removal of the theme shading. Change the theme shade colour of the highlighted text to no colour. To do so:

1.Open the Word document..
2.Select the highlighted text.
3.Click on the Home tab in the ribbon menu.
4.Select the down arrow icon beside the Shading icon (paint bucket with paint spilling on the right side) in the Paragraph section.
5.The shading color menu will appear.
6.Click on the No Color option in the Shading menu.
7.The Microsoft Word highlighting will go away and if don’t then try out the next solution.

Method 3 – Cut The Highlighted Text And Paste It Unformatted:

If none of the above solutions worked, then try to paste the same text unformatted. To cut the highlighted text and paste it unformatted:

1.Select the highlighted text.
2.Press the Ctrl + X keys to cut it.
3.Now, click on the down arrow icon below the Paste option located in the Home tab by keeping the Insertion point in the vacated space of the earlier highlighted text.
4.A small menu will appear.
5.Select the Paste Special option from the menu.
6.The Paste Special prompt will appear on your screen.
7.Select the Unformatted text option from the Paste Special prompt.
8.Click on the OK option. T
9.The cut text will be pasted without its applied format.

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