Facebook Live Not Working

By Ammarrauf01

Facebook Live Not Working. In this article, you will get to know how to fix Facebook Live not working. Facebook is the most used social media platform all around the world. It offers many new features to its customers.

One of the most essential features of Facebook is Facebook Live. It is mostly used by bloggers, sellers and merchants. Facebook live streaming includes various tasks like vlogging, buying and selling products, news, etc. Doing a Facebook Live streaming is not a difficult task, however, sometimes this feature does not work. I have mentioned some methods to solve Facebook live is not working issue.

How To Fix Facebook Live Not Working Issue?

Solution 1 – Check The Network Connection:

Check the network connection to solve the Facebook Live not working issue. Run a speed test to check the internet speed. If the speed is not going well, then restart the network by following the steps given below:

1.Switch off the device on which you are using Facebook.
2.Turn off the router or modem.
3.Wait for some time.
4.Restart the device first and then turn on the router or modem.

Solution 2 – Try Another Browser:

Changing the browser might help in solving this issue because your browser is not giving sufficient permissions or there is corruption in the cache. So, switch to another browser to go live.

Solution 3 – Reinstall The Facebook App:

If you want to go live on the Facebook app and you are unable to do the live streaming then reinstall the application. To do that:

For Android:

1.Android users, visit Google Play Store.
2.Type Facebook.
3.Select the 1st option.
4.From the next page, select Uninstall.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic1

5.Wait till Facebook gets uninstalled.
6.Once it is done, tap on the Install button to reinstall the app.

For iPhone:

1.iPhone users uninstall the Facebook app from the device.
2.Visit the App Store.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic2

3.Type Facebook in the search field.
4.Select Facebook.
5.Finally tap on the Get button.

Solution 4 – Clear Browser Cache:

A corrupted browser cache can be the cause of Facebook live not working. After deleting the cache, the webpage will load faster. To remove the cache, follow the steps below:

1.From Keyboard press Ctrl + Shift + Delete simultaneously.
2.Clear browsing data window will get open.
3.Select the Time range to All time.
4.Select the check box of Browsing history, cookies and other site data, and Cached images and files
Finally, click on the Clear Data button to Clear the data of your Browser.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic3

Solution 5 – Disable Extensions:

There are some extensions that can prevent Facebook from going live. Disable the plug-ins and extensions like Antivirus extensions, ad blocks, firewalls, etc. They can prevent Facebook from going live.

Solution 6- Check Antivirus And Firewall:

Sometimes antivirus or firewalls think Facebook live streaming as a security breach. To disable the antivirus, follow the steps below:

1.Type Windows Security in the Windows search bar..
2.Select the 1st option.
3.Select the Virus and threat protection option from the menu.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic4

4.Choose Manage settings option under Virus & threat protection settings from the right panel.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic5

5.Toggle the Real-time protection off and Automatic sample submission off.

Facebook Live Not Working - pic6

Solution 7 – Use A VPN:

There can be server problem that is causing Facebook live streaming not working properly. To solve this issue, try to reconnect Facebook while the VPN is turned on. This will create an encrypted connection between the server and the device. VPN will also protect your data and will build an established and secured connection.

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