How to Compress An Entire Drive in Windows 11

By Ammarrauf01

How to Compress An Entire Drive in Windows 11. In this article, you will get to know the method to compress the drive in Windows 11. Compressing files helps to reduce storage space. It also makes your computer work faster. In Windows 11, there is no need for third-party software to compress the folders, sub-folders, and an entire drive. Windows 11 has its own integrated feature that allows you to compress files, folders, or an entire drive.

How to Compress an Entire Drive in Windows 11?

To compress an entire drive in Windows 11:

1.Open File Explorer by pressing the Windows + E keys.
2.Right-click on the drive you want to compress when File Explorer opens.
3.Choose the Properties option.

How to Compress 1an Entire Drive in Windows 11 - pic1

4.Apply changes to drive C, subfolders and files option
5.When the Properties window appears, check the box for the Compress this drive to save disk space.
6.Click the Apply button.
7.From now on, any files you add to the drive will be compressed.