How To Disable Preview Pane In Windows 10. In this article, you will get to know why to remove Preview Pane in Windows 10 and methods to disable the preview pane in Windows 10. When you open the Windows File Explorer and select any of the files, you will a small preview thumbnail of the file on the right pane of your screen. This is a newly updated feature by Windows explorer called the Preview Pane feature.

By using this feature, you can see a small preview of your files as a thumbnail on the right pane of Windows Explorer. It ables you to identify the files faster.

Why To Remove Preview Pane In Windows 10?

This feature of Windows Explorer shows thumbnails of your locally stored files by using cache files stored in the installation directory. When you open a new file, a cache folder also gets created for the same file. This is later used by the Windows File Explorer to preview its content as a thumbnail.

This feature looks very useful. But sometimes it has been reported that it is causing errors while opening the files. This error is very common for Word and Excel files. Also, by removing the Preview Pane, Windows File Explorer will work faster.

How To Disable Preview Pane In Windows 10?

Here are some methods of how to remove Preview Pane in Windows 10.

Method 1 – Hide Preview Pane Using A Shortcut:

The easiest and simple to hide the preview Pane is by using the Alt +P shortcut. To use this shortcut:

1.First open the Windows File Explorer by pressing the Windows + E keys. 2.Next, press the Alt + P keys to hide the Preview Pane.
3.Using this shortcut again will enable the Preview Pane feature.

Method 2 – Hide Preview Pane From The View Tab:

You can also enable or disable Preview Pane from the View tab in the ribbon menu. To do it:

1.Open the Windows File Explorer again.
2.Click on the ‘View’ tab on the ribbon menu.
3.There you will find the Preview Pane option.
4.You can toggle it on or off by clicking on it.

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Method 3 – Disable Thumbnails From The Preview Pane:

You can change the settings of Windows File Explorer to hide the thumbnails in the Preview Pane. To do so, follow the steps:

1.Open Windows File Explorer again.
2.Select the ‘View’ tab from the ribbon menu.
3.Next, click on the ‘Options’ button.
4.Select the ‘Change folders and search options’ button.
5.This will open the ‘Folder Options’ on your screen.
6.Select the View tab and in the ‘Advanced setting’s section, check the ‘Always show icons, never thumbnails’ box.
7.Also, uncheck the ‘Display file icon on thumbnails’ option.
8.Finally, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.

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