Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue. In this article, you will read how to fix the small font of Chrome tabs. Google Chrome is one of the most famous browsers, but it still has flaws and errors. Many users reported that they have experienced that the Chrome tabs font is too small. Here, I have mentioned some methods to change the Chrome tab font size.

How To Fix Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue?

Method 1 – Changing Font Size In Windows 10 Or 11:

Change your font settings in the Windows settings. It is very easy to do, follow the steps below:

1.Type Make Text Size Bigger in the Windows search.
2.Select the top option.
3.The Display settings will open on your screen.
4.In the Make text bigger section, move the slider to the right to increase the size of the fonts to your desire.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic1

5.Finally, click on Apply.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic2

6.This method will not only increase the font size of Chrome, but also increase the text of Windows.

Method 2 – Change The Scaling Manually:

You can also change the font by changing the scale manually. It will also increase the font size of the tabs. Do the scaling carefully, because an incorrect scaling can make the icons of the Windows blurry.

To change the scaling manually:

1.Right-click on the desktop.
2.Select the Display settings option on your screen.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic3

3.Click on the Scale under Scale and Layout.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic4

4.In the Custom scaling section, enter any number between 100-500 depending on the font size.
5.Click on Apply.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic5

6.You will have to sign out and sign back in to enable the new scaling settings.
7.After that the font size will get increased in Google Chrome. Increase the scaling, if the font is still not large enough.

Method 3 – Change The Font Size In Chrome:

To increase font size in Chrome:

1.Open Google Chrome.
2.Click on the menu button and select Settings.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic6

3.Click on Appearance from the left.
4.Click on the drop-down bar beside the Font size option.
5.Select the Large or Very Large.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic7

If this doesn’t work, then change the font. To change the font in Google Chrome:

1.Select the Customize Fonts option in the Appearance section.
2.Select the font that you prefer.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic8

Method 4 – Update Chrome:

May you are using an older version of Chrome, because Google might have patched this bug with the latest updates. To update Chrome:

1.Open Chrome menu.
2.Move the mouse cursor to Help.
3.Click on About Chrome.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic9

4.Chrome will start updating after you open the About Google Chrome page.

Chrome Tabs Font Small Issue - pic10

Solution 5: Remove Chrome Themes:

There are some types of Chrome themes that have very small font sizes by default. Change your Chrome to default to fix the font size issue.