How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome

By Ammarrauf01

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome. Here, you will read what is Aw Snap error, cause of Aw Snap error, and how to fix Google Chrome ran out of memory error. This error occurs when you try to link to a webpage on Google Chrome. This can be due to the unstable network and cache or copies, which results in, the browser being unable to bring the data. To solve “Not Enough Memory to Open this Page Chrome” error, follow the methods given below.

But, before troubleshooting this error, we will first discuss the types of ‘Aw Snap’ error and cause of ‘Aw Snap’ error.

Types Of Aw Snap Error:

You will get this error in various forms. Like:

“Aw! Snap”
“Your connection was interrupted”
“The site cannot be reached your connection was reset”
“Failed to Resolve Host”

If you get any one of the above, it means that check your internet connection

Cause Of Aw Snap Error:

There can be many possible reasons that can cause this error. The reasons for the error on Chrome can be:

-The firewall or your antivirus has blocked the site.
-Outdated browser.
-The particular website has an issue.
-Extensions or related software are corrupted.
-Cache and cookies got filled.
-DNS Cache.

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome?

Method 1 – Check Unstable Internet Connection:

Make sure that you have a stable and secure internet connection. If you are using ethernet, check if the cable is plugged in correctly. And, if you are using WiFi, set your near to your PC.

Method 2 – Remove History, Cache, And Cookies:

To remove the Aw Snap error, clear out the cache and browsing data. To do so:

1.Open the Chrome browser.
2.Go to the three vertical on the upper right corner.
3.Now, select the settings button.
4.Navigate to Advanced > Content Settings > Cookies > See all cookies and site data
5.Then, select the Remove All option to clear all the browser cookies.
6.Next, click on Clear All when prompted.
7.Now, go to the privacy and security tab.
8.Select Clear Browsing Data.

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome - pic1

9.Select the Advanced tab, when the dialog box pop-ups.
10.Change the Time Range to All Time and Check the boxes on all options.
11.Choose the Clear Browsing Data option it will clean your entire browser cache and cookies.

Method 3 – Disable The Windows Firewall:

Windows Firewall can stop you from accessing a particular website. This can be due to safety reasons. Disabling the firewall can fix this. To disable Windows Firewall:

1.Open Control Panel from your computer.
2.Then select Windows Defender Firewall.

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome - pic2

3.Now, from the left panel, there is the option to Turn Windows Defender Firewall On/ Off.

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome - pic3

4.Check the box beside Off.

How To Fix the Aw, Snap! Error in Chrome - pic4

5.Click OK.
6.Close all the programs and restart your PC to save the changes.

Method 4 – Reset The IP Address And Clear DNS:

Faulty IP or DNS cache can cause this error. To solve this issue, you have to reset the IP address and clear the DNS cache. Follow the steps:

1.Press the Windows Logo Key + X on your computer.
2.Click on Windows PowerShell (admin) from the list.
3.Type the command ‘netsh winsock reset catlog’.
4.Press the Enter button.
5.It will take some time for the to get finished.
6.Then, enter the command ‘ipconfig /flushdns’
7.Press Enter button again.
8.Wait until the process is completed.
9.After that, close all the application.
10.Restart your computer to apply the changes.