How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos

By Ammarrauf01

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos. In this article, you will read why YouTube videos keep pausing and the methods to solve the YouTube videos pausing issue. YouTube is the biggest streaming website in the world. It is one of the best fun hobbies, where you can watch every kind of video. But, like every website, it also has bugs and errors. One of the bugs many users encounter is YouTube videos keep pausing bugs. It appears almost on every browser, but more frequently in Chrome. Read the information below to fix YouTube keeps pausing problem automatically.

Why Does My YouTube Keep Pausing Itself?

There can be many reasons that your YouTube videos keep pausing. Let’s have a look at the different causes of this issue:

-Due to the new feature that stops the video on its own.
-Due to the slow internet connection.
-Due to your internet browser.

How To Fix YouTube Keeps Pausing Videos?

Method 1 – Use The YouTube Non-Stop Extension:

A new feature was introduced by YouTube back in 2019, in which your videos get stopped if you have not interacted with YouTube for a specific amount of time. This was for the users that play songs in the background from the playlist for hours. As a result, a user will not watch any ad and YouTube will not earn any profit from it.

There is a simple way you can bypass this feature using the YouTube Nonstop extension. It is available on both Firefox and Chrome. It will not stop YouTube from pausing videos but rather select the OK button automatically when it appears.

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Method 2 – Check The Internet Connection:

If a YouTube video is pausing frequently, then it is just buffering. It can happen when you slow internet connection. Try to watch in low resolution. Also, use a free online tool to test the speed of your internet connection. You can also use Google Internet Checker to see the upload and download speed of the internet connection,

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There are also other speed-checking tools like Speedtest by Ookla.

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Method 3 – Free Up Bandwidth:

If your internet speed is good, then speed up your bandwidth. Check, if any download is happening in the background. Also, check if Windows is updating or not. Unpair the connected devices to your internet. Restart the router and if the problem is still there or not.

Method 4 – Change Your Browser:

After trying all the above methods, if you still can’t solve the issue, then the problem lies in the browser. Make sure that your browser is up to date. Or try using a different browser to see if the problem persists or not.