How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Error

By Ammarrauf01

How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Error. In this article, you will read how to fix download failed virus detected error on Windows 10.

Download Failed Virus detected occurs when you download files from Chrome. A Windows Security or any other antivirus app has stopped the download. These apps consider the downloading file as a threat to the computer, because it is the antivirus’s job to protect the computer from malicious content.

Not every time the antivirus app can be right. It can also make a wrong decision and can stop your browser from downloading the file. Particularly, this error only appears when in Google Chrome virus is detected.

In Microsoft Edge, you will get “[File name] contained a virus and was deleted” error, when the downloaded file is blocked. Below I have mentioned what you need to do to allow Google Chrome for downloading this file on your PC.

How To Fix Download Failed Virus Detected Error:

Allow The File To Download From Windows Security:

1.Right-click on the Start menu.
2.Select the Settings option from the pop-up menu.
3.Select the Update & Security option.
4.Next, click on Windows Security.
5.Click on the Virus & threat protection option, in the Protection area section.
6.Click on the Protection history option.

Download Failed Virus Detected Error - pic1

7.Locate the downloading file that was blocked, in the Protection area section.
8.Click on it.
9.Accept the security prompt that will appear on your screen.
10.Select the Actions option.
11.Click on the Allow option to allow the file to be downloaded.

Download Failed Virus Detected Error - pic2

12.Now the downloading of the blocked file should continue.

Disable Windows Security:

By following the above method, if the file still does not download, then try this method if you have complete trust in the blocked file. You can disable Windows Security and download the file without triggering the error. To disable Windows Security:

1.Open the Virus & Threat protection settings again.
2.Click on the Manage Settings option in the Virus and threat protection settings section.
3.Disable the Real-time protection toggle and the Cloud-delivered protection toggle.

Download Failed Virus Detected Error - pic3

4.Now, Windows Security will be disabled and can be able to download the file.