How To Install And Remove Chrome Themes

By Ammarrauf01

How To Install And Remove Chrome Themes. In this article, you will read how to add Chrome themes and how to remove Chrome themes. Google Chrome is the most powerful and popular browser in the world. It is because this browser is filled with many features and options that enhance the user experience.

You can personalize the Chrome browser in a lot of ways, particularly the ability to install and uninstall the themes is outstanding. You can add or remove themes according to your taste.

How To Add Chrome Themes?

Chrome browser has very interesting themes. You can install and download a wide range of themes that suit your taste. You can change the borders and New tab background as you prefer. The downloaded themes will get saved in the Google account. You can access them from any system, as long as you are logged into Chrome.

To add more Chrome themes, follow the steps given below:

1.Open Chrome and sign in to your account.
2.Click on the menu button (≡), and select the Settings option.
3.Scroll down and choose the Appearance section.
4.Next, click on the Themes.
5.After that Chrome Web Store will open on your screen.

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6.Look for the themes created by the Google Chrome developers and the Google community.
7.Find the theme that best suits you and click on it.
8.Select the Add to Chrome option to add and install the theme on your browser.

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9.If you don’t like the theme after installing it, click on the Undo option. It will remove the theme that you have just installed.

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How To Remove Chrome Themes?

To remove the Chrome theme and change back to the default theme:

1.Open the Chrome app again.
2.Reach the Appearance section in Chrome again.
3.Click on the Reset to default option to revert to the default theme.

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4.After finishing the above steps, all the themes will get cleared. The old classic white theme will be back.

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