How To Install Git On Windows

By Ammarrauf01

How To Install Git On Windows. In this article, you will read what is Git and the methods to install Git on Windows.

What s Git?

GIT stands for Global Information TrackeGit is a free and open-source distributed version control system. It is designed to handle projects with speed and efficiency. Git is used to track changes in computer files. It is a source for managing coding in software development. The distributed version control tool is used for source code management. Git is also the most common way to access GitHub, which is one of the largest code repositories in the world.

How To Install Git On Windows?

Here are some methods to download Git on Windows.

Method 1 – Download the Executable:

The easiest way to install Git on Windows is to download the executable from the Git website. To do so:

1.Visit the Git website.
2.Click “64-bit Git for Windows Setup” to start the download.
3.Then wait for a moment.
4.The download is only about 50 MB. It will not take much longer.

How To Install Git On Windows - pic1

5.Double-click the executable you just downloaded.
6.Click “Next” to move through the installation prompts.
7.Ton of options will appear during the installation process.
8.Don’t take stress of them. Only default options will be just fine, but there are two options you should select according to your convenience.
9.The first thing is which text Editor Git will use. Vim is selected by default, using its idiosyncratic commands can be daunting.
10.You should select something else instead, like Visual Studio Code, Sublime, NotePad++, or any other plain text editor you like.
11.Click the drop-down menu.
12.Then select the new program from the list.

How To Install Git On Windows - pic2

13.The second is the way Git integrates itself into your PC’s PATH.
14.Make sure that the “Git From The Command Line And Also From 3rd-Party Software” is selected.

How To Install Git On Windows - pic3

15.Click through the remaining options.
16.Wait for everything to finish downloading.

Method 2 – Use Winget to Download Git:

You can also use Winget to download Git if you’re a fan of command-line interfaces. To do so:

1.Open up PowerShell or Windows Terminal with a PowerShell tab.
2.Then paste or type:
winget install –id Git.Git -e –source winget
3.Download bars will appear in the Terminal window and Winget fetches everything it needs.

How To Install Git On Windows - pic4

4.Windows installation window will appear.

How To Install Git On Windows - pic5

5.After the installation the windows will close down.
6.Git will be added to the PATH.