How To Remove AVG Toolbar

By Ammarrauf01

How To Remove AVG Toolbar. In this article, you will read what is AVG toolbar and methods to remove AVG toolbar.

What Is AVG Toolbar?

AVG security toolbar is an app that protects from malicious websites. It pre-scans the search results. AVG toolbar also acts as a browser hijacker. It changes the default search engine to promote the AVG search engine.

AVG toolbar is also a threat to privacy, as it collects the web surfing data of visited websites, most viewed items, and searched pages. It is not particularly a malicious app, but users are not comfortable with it for the above-mentioned reasons. So, I have discussed the methods on how to AVG Safeguard toolbar from your PC.

How To Remove AVG Toolbar?

The foremost step to get rid of the AVG toolbar is not to install it. If you install the AVG antivirus, then choose the custom installation. It will let you choose that which extra tools you want to install and which do not.

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But, if you have installed the AVG antivirus and you want to remove AVG safeguard toolbar from your PC, then try out the solutions given below.

Method 1 – Disable AVG Security Toolbar Extension From Your Browser:

If you want to stop the running of the AVG security toolbar, then disable it from the browser. To do so:

1.Open the Internet Explorer from your Taskbar.
2.After Internet Explorer opens, you will see the AVG toolbar just below the address bar.
3.Right-click on it.
4.Uncheck the AVG security toolbar option from the pop-up menu to disable it.

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Method 2 – Uninstall AVG Toolbar From Control Panel:

To uninstall the AVG Toolbar from Control Panel:

1.Press Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
2.Type appwiz.cpl
3.Press Enter.
4.Programs and Features panel will get open on your screen.
5.Locate the AVG toolbar among the listed apps and right-click on it.
6.Select the Uninstall option.
7.Follow the instructions to complete the process.

If the AVG toolbar is not listed, then it has been installed with the AVG antivirus. In this case, follow the below steps:

1.If AVG toolbar isn’t listed, then right-click on the AVG antivirus.
2.Select the Repair option.
3.The, select the Repair option again in the AVG prompt.
4.Uncheck the AVG security toolbar option in the Component Selection panel while repairing.

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5.Click on Next and follow the instructions to finish repairing AVG antivirus.

Method 3 – Remove The Toolbar Using The Malwarebytes Junkware Removal Tool:

AVG toolbar is not malicious, but acts similarly to malware. You can use the Malwarebytes Junkware Removal tool to remove it. To do so:

1.Download the Junkware Removal Tool on your PC.
2.Open the file that you just downloaded.
3.Accept the security prompt that will appear on your screen.
4.The Junkware Removal Tool will open the Command Prompt window and ask for input.
5.Follow the instructions on your screen.
6.The tool searches for any adware, PUPs, and other junk apps installed on your PC.
7.After all the problematic files are removed from your PC a log will appear on your screen. It will report removing all the problematic files.

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