How To Save Bookmarks In Firefox

By Ammarrauf01

How To Save Bookmarks In Firefox. Here, you will read methods to save bookmarks in Firefox and backup restore bookmarks without exporting to HTML. Firefox is a very popular and well-known browser. It is used by many people across the world. However, it is not used as much as Chrome, but it is still giving valuable features to its users. Bookmarks are a handy feature that is used in browsers. Those, who are new to Firefox and need to learn how to save bookmarks in Firefox, don’t worry here is a solution to your problem!

How To Save Bookmarks In Firefox?

To save bookmarks in Firefox, follow the below-given steps:

1.Launch Firefox.
2.Open the page you want to bookmark.
3.You will see an icon that has 3 dots placed next to each other horizontally in the address bar.
4.Click on that button.
5.Select the option Bookmark This Page.
6.Enter the name of the bookmark and where you want to store it.
7.Finally, click on Done to save the bookmark.

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Backup And Restore Bookmarks Without Exporting To HTML:

Firefox has a feature to import its bookmarks to JSON. You can also do it manually. To backup and restore bookmarks manually in Firefox:

1.Launch Firefox.
2.Open the bookmarks page again.
3.Click on the Import and Backup option.
4.Then select the Backup option from the pop-up menu to back up the bookmarks to JSON.

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5.Navigate to the place you want to back up.
6.Then click on the Save option.

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7.To restore the backed-up bookmarks, click on the Restore option by selecting the Import and Backup option.
8.Then, select the backup file.
9.Click on Open.

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