How To Unblock Chrome Extensions

By Ammarrauf01

How To Unblock Chrome Extensions. In this article, you will learn why Chrome extensions appear blocked and how to unblock Chrome extensions. Extensions enhance the experience of using the browser and make daily tasks much easier. It helps the users to be more productive. Sometimes, you have seen that various extensions appear to be blocked. Here, you will find the answer to how to unblock Chrome extensions.

Why Chrome Extensions Appear Blocked?

Chrome extensions can get blocked by the administrator of your PC or your antivirus. You will not be able to add extensions to Chrome on your computer. This step is taken for safety measures so that malicious extensions will not corrupt the files in the computer.

How To Unblock Chrome Extensions:

If you want to unblock the Chrome extensions, then the first thing you have to do is to get signed in to the administrator account.

Method 1 – Unblock Specific Extensions In Chrome:

Follow the methods given below to unblock the specific extensions in the Chrome:

1.Open the Chrome Web Store in Google Chrome.
2.Next, search the extension you want to download.
3.Google Chrome will only allows extensions from Chrome Webstore.
4.Copy the unique id of the extension from the address bar.
5.Every extension has an ID that is unique. This ID doesn’t change even when a new version of the extension comes.
6.Unique ID of the extensions is located in the address bar on the extension page.

How To Unblock Chrome Extensions - pic1

7.If the address of the extension is this:

Then, dmghijelimhndkbmpgbldicpogfkceaj is the ID of the extension.

8.The ID is always 32 characters long and located at the end of the URL.
9.After copying the ID, minimize or close the Google Chrome.
10.Press the Windows + R keys to open the Run utility.
11.Type regedit.
12.Then, press Enter to open the Registry Editor.

How To Unblock Chrome Extensions - pic2

13.Then, reach the browse to the following location in the Registry editor:

How To Unblock Chrome Extensions - pic3


14.Now, right-click on the white panel on the right and select the New option.
15.Click on the String Value option to create a new string value.
16.Enter the extension ID in the Value data section.
17.Select OK.
18.At the end, restart the computer.
19.After the process, you will be able to install the extension.

Method 2 – Unblock Every Extension In Chrome:

If you want the administrator to stop blocking extensions completely, then follow the steps:

1.First, signed in as an Administrator.
2.Next, open the registry editor the way mentioned above.
3.Browse to the following location:


4.Delete the Chrome container.
5.Finally, restart your computer.
6.Now, you will be able to install any extension.

Method 3 – Disable Antivirus:

Sometimes, you will not find any Google Policies registry key. It means that the administrator is not blocking the extensions. It may be caused by the installed antivirus. There are many 3rd party antiviruses and security apps that tend to block the extensions. You can solve the issue by disabling or uninstalling them.