How to use altered I/O chip on the laptop motherboard

By Ammarrauf01

How to use altered I/O chip on a particular laptop motherboard

The specific I/O chips are used on every laptop motherboard. Sometimes, it is difficult to find that specific I/O chip when the first one got damaged. In this how-to session, you will know how to use altered I/O chip on a particular laptop motherboard. In below, I have given the various range compatible super I/O controllers with their specific laptop motherboards. In the future, we will keep updating the range of compatible I/O controllers.

– ENE:-

Here are various ENE I/O chips. I have given the name of other compatible along with them. You can use them in the particular laptop model given with them. Have a look



The list of Winbond super I/O chips is in the following:-

– Nuvoton: –

Here is the table of Nuvoton compatible I/O chips with their respected laptop motherboards.

– ITE: –

The compatible ITE I/O chips are as follows.


– SMSC: –

Take a look at the table of compatible SMSC I/O chips.