Laptop Motherboard Programmable I/0 Chips

By Ammarrauf01

Programmable I/O Chip Microcontroller List

The new programmable I/O controller will not work unless you write specific EC bios, which comes with the laptop motherboard. It is pre-installed in the Super I/O chip. For example, If the model of the laptop is DELL Inspiron 3542 and motherboard part number is 6YPRH, it will come with the pre-installed SIO ENE k9012 software. If you want to replace the I/O controller then you will need EC bios from here
. The best programmer to program the I/O chip of all laptop motherboards is RT809F. An easy way to program the I/O chip, please follow the link

=> List of ENE I/O Microcontroller Chip: –

– ENE kb9012
– ENE kb9012
– ENE kb9016
– ENE kb9018
– ENE kb9022
– ENE kb9028qc
– ENE kb9010
– ENE kb3930qf/b1

=> List Of ITE I/O Microcontroller Chip: –

– ITE it8585e
– ITE it8586e
– ITE it8985e
– ITE it8587e
– ITE it8522
– ITE it8987e
– ITE it8589
– ITE it8522
– ITE it8380E 192kb
– ITE it8380VG 192kb
– ITE it8995E-128
– ITE it8886H
– ITE it8886he
– ITE it8386

=> List Of Nuvoton I/O Microcontroller Chip: –

– Nuvoton npce288na0dx
– Nuvoton npce388na0dx

=> List Of SMSC I/O Microcontroller Chip: –

– SMSC MEC 1609