Laptop LCD Display Diagnosing Card

Laptop LCD Display Diagnosing Card

Laptop LCD Display Diagnosing Card for laptops and PC’s with LED display is for sale at cheap price. It can diagnose 4 types of BIOS. It has an EEPROM IC in it. You can update your device through it and can diagnose the latest laptop models. It is the new latest type of laptop diagnosing card with the help of which you can check the fault of your laptop and PC. This product is 100% brand new and working. You can order this diagnosing card by contacting the number below. The delivery method is cash on delivery all over the Pakistan.


1. For easy access to your desktop and laptop in various ways, it consists PCI, Mini PCI, Mini PCI-E & LPC interfaces.
2. LCD display shows the solution in English and also shows debug code description or a photo; that is just for Auto BIOS.
3. This diagnosing card is ideal and very suitable for IT enthusiasts and computer engineers to and repair their computer.
4. It supports Award, AMI, Phoenix and Auto BIOS.
5. This diagnosing card supports debug code lookup.
6. There are two buttons on the host from where you can choose the correct BIOS and viewing error codes.
7. The other two LED indicators on the are for working mode (offline and online).
Offline mode is for debug code lookup.
8. The offline mode is for debug code lookup.
9. The online mode is for diagnosing the motherboard and record view.
10. The 10 pin data interface on host is for connecting the debug card.
11. USB type-b interface on host is for power in offline mode.
12. PCI debug card available for desktop PC.
13. Mini PCI, Mini PCI-E & LPC debug card available for laptop PC.
14. Kindly, please note that it does not support the USB based PCI-E slot.

Price :- Rs 2,500

Contact 03474115447

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