Laptop Motherboard Short Circuit Repair Tutorial

By Ammarrauf01

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to repair the short circuit of the laptop motherboard. If you have DC supply then check whether it is full short or not. And if you don’t own it , the thing you have to do is to connect your laptop charger. After connecting it, if your charger light suddenly gets off then it’s mean it is a full short.
The solution to this problem is that we had marked the red circles on the motherboard in the given pic, they are called the jumpers. These jumpers are designed to separate the different sessions in the motherboard that if any problem occurs or if any short circuit happens, you can diagnose it easily. You have to identify which mouse fit is open or in which capacitor the short circuit had occurred.
You have to open and test these jumpers one by one. By doing this, you will come to know that which session is damaged and in which session you have to do work with mouse fit and capacitor.
Please also check all the regulator Ic and sound Ic gradually. What you have to do is to place your finger on each and every single Ic . If any one of these is heating up then replace that Ic with the new one. This can also be the reason why short circuit had occurred.
Through this method, we can resolve the problem of short circuit in every laptop motherboard. Hope you have appreciated this. More different methods and procedures related to laptop repairing are updating soon. If you have any problem related to this field, you can ask me frankly. I will help you out
at any time.