Top 5 Best Google Chrome PDF Editor Extensions

By Ammarrauf01

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor. In this article, you will come to know about the top 5 best Google Chrome PDF Editors extensions that you can use. This article will be very helpful to you. The use of extensions in chrome is very useful and simplify your work a lot. Similarly, there are many extensions for PDFs that simplify your work with PDFs online. They can be used to read, edit or download the entire web page in PDF format.

These Google Chrome PDF Editors extensions are very useful because there will be no need of searching the various websites, as your work is being done directly. There are so many extensions for PDFs. So which extensions should be used? A corrupted extension can cause great trouble. So here is the list of the top best Google Chrome PDF Editors Extensions that are easily available on the Chrome Web Store.

Top 5 Best Google Chrome PDF Editor Extensions:

All the listed PDF editor extensions are best in their own way. Have a look at them.

1.Kami Extension:

Kami is one of the best Chrome extension PDF editors. It is very easy to use. It has many features like splitting and merging the PDFs and running OCR for scanned PDFs. Kami has an additional feature that is known as Comment. By using this feature, you can leave a comment marking the part of a PDF. Any person who will try to edit the PDF, this comment will pop up for that person.

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor - kami

Some noticeable features of Kami Extension are that the:

-You can strikethrough and underline the texts.
-You can highlight the text anywhere you want.
-Features for drawing, creating shapes, and text input are also available.
-It also has features of the input image, digital signature, and text to speech, along with a handy dictionary. But these features are premium.

2.Google Docs:

Google Docs is a very good ultimate PDF editor for Chrome. You can use Google docs by uploading any file to Google Drive. It has almost all the options and features of Microsoft Word.

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor - google docs

Some important features of Google Docs are:

-Highlight the important lines.
-Insert images directly from Google Drive.
-Change the font of the letters.

3.PDF2Go Online PDF Editor:

PDF2Go Online PDF Editor is a remarkable PDF editor. It has many useful features. You can convert the PDF to Doc, JPG, PowerPoint, Excel, and text. You can also create PDFs from these formats. It can repair, lock, unlock, edit, split, and merge PDF files. The UI of PDF2Go is also very user friendly.

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor - pdf2go

Some important features of PDF2Go are:

-You can highlight important lines.
-Can input pictures from your computer to the PDF.
-Whiteout a specific section in PDF.
-You can draw and create drawings with different shaping tools.
-It has an option to undo and redo the edits you have made.

4.PDF Buddy:

PDF Buddy is a very popular and powerful PDF editor extension for Google Chrome. It has very sophisticated features that are easy to use. It has features like:

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor - pdf buddy

-Merge and split PDFs with this app.
-Input texts wherever you want.
-Inbuilt symbols are also available.
-Can put images from your computer.
-Digital signature option is also available.
-Highlight any section of the page.
-Draw freestyle and input different shapes.
-Input images from the computer.

5.XODO PDF Viewer And Editor:

XODO PDF Viewer And Editor is a very good PDF editor. It has many useful features for free. This PDF editor has a simple user interface, by which you can merge and edit your PDFs easily and efficiently. Many of the features of this extension are free of cost.

Best Google Chrome PDF Editor -XODO

Some features of the XODO PDF Viewer And Editor extension is as under:

-Can comment on the edits. Other users can also reply to these comments.
-Highlight various parts of the PDF.
-Input your digital signature.
-Create shapes and drawings freely.
-Input texts and create callouts.

I hope this article will be helpful for you. All the Chrome PDF Editor Extensions can be easily added to come from Chrome Web Store.