Best Laptop Battery Repair In Lahore Pakistan

By Ammarrauf01

Best Laptop Battery Repair In Lahore Pakistan. In this article, you will read about tips to repair a laptop battery, best battery repair in Lahore Pakistan, and contacts of battery repair in Lahore. Repairing a laptop battery can be a bit tricky. But, if you have complete instructions and knowledge with good technicians, you can do it very well.

Faulty Laptop Battery Symptoms:

The main issues through which you can detect the defective or damaged battery are:

-Laptop battery icon is showing charging. But in reality, the battery percentage is not increasing.

-You have plugin the charger, but the battery is not charging message

-Battery is showing charging from 1 to 100%, but whenever you plug in your charger; your laptop turns off instantly.

– Laptop battery is not detecting and there is no power without a charger.

Why Laptop Batteries Stop Working And How To Prevent It:

There are some reasons that your laptop battery got defective or malfunctioned and undoubtedly it stops working. Nevertheless, you can prevent this from happening by keeping in my mind some precautionary measures. Some of the tips are given below by which you can protect your battery.

– Charge Your Battery On Time:

The most common reason that your battery becomes useless is; you don’t charge it on time. This is the number one reason for the latest laptops and Chromebooks. When you are working on your laptop, you are discharging your battery. After some time, your battery got discharged to 10% and subsequently your laptop shut down. Furthermore, you forh=get to charge your laptop for the next couple of days. What will happen to your battery then? You will lose 90% of your laptop battery health ultimately leads to permanent failure of the battery. You should charge your laptop battery immediately, once your laptop gets shutdown.

– Use Of China Chargers:

Always choose the best parts for your electronic items to make them more durable and long working. The laptop battery failure can also happen if you are using the aftermarket china chargers. The china chargers are not durable and hard-wearing that they give long-lasting outcomes. So always choose the original one.

– Drain Fewer Charge Cycles:

Every battery has its own design capacity by its manufacturers. All laptop batteries are built with a specific number of charge cycles. The lesser you drain the charge cycle, the more will be the battery life.
What are charge cycles?
It is the process of recharging a rechargeable battery. One charge cycle equals 100% of the battery usage, not necessarily from one charge. This term is used to expect the battery life. Every battery has around 500 charge cycles or more.
Many people think that 100% charging is the end of charging a battery, but it is not the case. The laptop battery is charged according to its design capacity. And when you charge your laptop battery to 40% or let’s say 70% for a long period of time, it gets expires 2x fast. You cannot charge your laptop to full, i.e 100%. In this case, you will get less backup. A charge cycle is the drainage of the battery to 0% and then recharge back to 100%. A discharge of batter to 50% and then recharge back to 100%, will be equal to half charge cycle. With the passage of time, each charge cycle will decrease the battery lifetime and capacity. Its means the less you drain the battery the more will be the life of the battery.

Types Of Equipment Needed To Repair A Laptop Battery:

If you are a laptop repairing technician and want to repair a laptop battery; you will need the following programmer equipment and software.

1- Cp2112 Adapter:

Cp2112 adapter is the cheapest adapter for laptop battery repair in the market. Software from

2- EV2300 Adapter & EV2400 Adapter:

Most professionals use the EV2300 adapter. Its price is under 90$. Software from be2work and Texas Instruments. If you need more information about Texas Instruments software, then go to I’m not recommending it because I never buy from these guys

3- Professional Laptop Battery Analyzer – LFC#227:

You can watch a video to know more about this battery analyzer. For more information

Best Laptop Battery Repair In Lahore Pakistan:

1. Shama Laptop Batteries Repair

Shop Name And Review:

Shama Laptop Batteries Repair. This is one of the oldest shops in Lahore with more than 15 years of experience. They also sell used laptop batteries. They are recommended but they give leisure services. This laptop battery shop also gives you one monthly warranty.


They can repair batteries with faults like dead, faulty, moderate-low health, having less backup time, not charging issue, draining fast, and not charging issues. They repair all laptop batteries like Sony, Dell, Hp, Toshiba, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo, and all other Chinese laptop brand batteries. They have highly qualified technician staff with the latest machines and equipments.

Contact numbers:

Muhammad Saleem Akram –0322-4358434
Muhammad Aslam Akram –0333-4074188
Mian Naeem Khalid –0311-4444466
Nawaz ul Haq –0331-4135556

2. Battery Experts:

They repair laptop batteries and also deal with the sale & purchase of used batteries.

Ikhlaq Sheikh –0323-4315017
Musa Sheikh –0316-4936242