Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards

Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards. It is a feature of Google Chrome that allows users to discern between multiple tabs that are open at the same time. It is set by default. It is a very useful feature, but many people do not like it. Here, we will talk about what is Chrome Tab Hover Cards, how Tab Hover Cards feature works in Chrome and how to disable Tab Hover Cards in Chrome.

What Are Chrome Tab Hover Cards?

You may have noticed that when you move your cursor over the tabs, you will see a small description on the web page opened in the tab that pops up. It mainly happens in Chrome 78 or newer versions. You can discern between the different tabs by using the Chrome hover tab. In easy words, it is a large preview box where the title and the URL of the webpage are shown.

Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards - pic1
Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards – pic1

How To Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards?

The tab hover cards in Chrome are set by default in the latest versions of Chrome You can also disable it if you don’t like it. To disable the Tab Hover Cards in Chrome:

1.Type chrome://flags in the address bar of Chrome.
2.Press Enter.
3.This will open the flags in Chrome.
4.Now, type tab hover cards in the search bar of Google Flags.
5.Press Enter.
6.The Tab Hover Cards flag will appear on your screen.
7.Click on the menu beside it.
8.Select the Disabled option.

Disable Google Chrome Tab Hover Cards - pic2

9.Finally, relaunch Chrome.
10.You can enable the Tab hover cards by selecting the Enabled option from the Tab Hover Card flag.