Enable Two-Finger Scrolling On Laptops

By Ammarrauf01

Enable Two-Finger Scrolling On Laptops. In this article, you will get to know how two-finger scrolling is useful, what to do if two-finger scrolling is not working, and how to enable two-finger scrolling on the laptop.

How Two-Fingers Scrolling Is Useful?

By using the two-finger feature, the touchpad will become much easier to use. You can scroll through pages by using two fingers. It is a very useful feature for the user that uses the touchpad of their laptops and not the mouse.

How Do I Enable Two-Finger Scrolling On Laptops?

To enable two-finger scrolling on Windows 10, follow the steps:

1.Right-click on the Start menu.
2.Select the Settings option. This will open the Settings app on your screen.
3.Click on the Devices option.
4.Then select the Touchpad option.
5.In the Scroll and zoom section, check the Drag two fingers to scroll option.
6.You can also set the Scrolling direction.

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What To Do If Two Finger Scroll Is Not Working On Windows 10?

If your two-finger scroll is not working, then try the below troubleshooting methods to solve this issue.

Solution 1 – Enable Touchpad On Windows 10:

Sometimes the touchpad is not enabled. Eventually, two-finger scrolling is also disabled. Turn on the touchpad to solve the issue. Follow the steps:

1.Type Touchpad in the Windows search bar.
2.Click on the appropriate result. The Touchpad settings will open on your screen.
3.Turn on the Touchpad toggle in the right-panel.

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Solution 2 – Change The Mouse Pointer:

Changing the mouse pointer can also solve the touchpad issue. To change the mouse pointer:

1.Type Control Panel in the search bar and select the appropriate option.
2.Change the View by option to Small icons.
3.Locate and click on the Mouse option.
4.Select the Pointers tab.
5.Click on the drop-down menu in the Scheme section.
6.Click on any of the Scheme other than the one previously set.
7.Click on the Apply and OK option to save the changes.

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Solution 3 – Change the Touchpad Settings From Registry:

Changing the touchpad settings from the registry can fix the issue. You should backup your Registry before executing the process. Do this process with great care, as it can cause the system to crash. To change the touchpad settings from Registry, follow the steps:

1.Open the Run utility again.
2.Type regedit.
3.Press Enter to open the Registry Editor.
4.Navigate to the following key:

On the right panel, you will notice many DWORD values. \
Double-click on the following DWORDs to change their value to what I have mentioned below:
a) 2FingerTapPluginID – Clear the value and click on OK.
b) 3FingerTapPluginID – Clear the value and click on OK.
c) MultiFingerTapFlags – Set 3 as the new value and click on OK.
d) 3FingerTapAction – Set 4 as the new value and click on OK.
e) 3FingerTapActionID – Set 0 as the new value and click on OK.
f) 2FingerTapAction – Set 2 to trigger right-click or 4 to trigger the middle click with this action and click on OK.

5.Finally, restart your PC.

Solution 4 – Fix The Touchpad Drivers:

Sometimes the touchpad drivers become corrupted and stop working. Try to uninstall and reinstall the drivers to fix the issue. To uninstall and reinstall the drivers:

1.Press the Window + R keys on your keyboard to open the Run utility.
2.Type devmgmt.msc
3.Press Enter to open the Device Manager on your screen.
4.Expand the Mice and other pointing device option.
5.Right-click on the touchpad driver.
6.Select the Uninstall Device option from the right-click context menu.
7.Follow the instructions to complete the uninstallation process.

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8.Now, right-click on the Mice and other pointing devices option.
9.Select the Scan for hardware changes option.
10.Windows will start installing the default touchpad drivers.
11.Wait for it to finish.
12.Enable the two-finger scroll mode.

Now, check if the two-finger scroll gets started working or not. If not, then update the touchpad drivers. To do so:

1.Open Device Manager again.
2.Right-click on the touchpad driver.
3.Select the Update Driver option.

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4.Click on the Search automatically for updated driver software.
5.Follow the instructions on your screen to update the driver.
6.After the update is complete, restart the computer.

By following all the above-given methods and solutions, if you still can’t use the touchpad and two-finger scroll feature, then it must be a hardware issue and you need to take your laptop to the service centre.

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