Is Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It. In this article, you will get to know the pros of Nintendo Switch Lite, the cons of Nintendo Switch Lite, and the features of Nintendo Switch Lite. If you plan to buy a new Nintendo Switch Lite, you are at the right place. Here, we will guide you should buy the Nintendo Switch Lite or not.

Is Nintendo Switch Lite Worth It:

Nintendo Switch Lite is a popular gaming console series. It is very popular among gamers because it is slim, sleek, portable, cheaper, and has many more attractive features.

Pros Nintendo Switch Lite:

1.Portable, lightweight and handy.
2.Retained almost the same design, but the directional button is replaced by D-pad.
3.Price is reasonable, around two-thirds the price comparison of Switch.
4.Supports 720p resolution with bright colour.

Cons Of Nintendo Switch Lite:

1.Does not support docking.
2.Cannot be connected to the TV.
3.Joy-con grip is attached to the Switch Lite.
4.Only supports games that can be played in handheld mode.
5.Screen is quite small, only 5.5 inches.

Features Of Nintendo Switch Lite:


Its slim and sleek design is one of the factors of its popularity. It gives the fancy look to the console. Nintendo Switch Lite has a matte plastic shell which provides a firm grip and makes it strong. It is also available in different colours. It is more portable than the other Switch series due to its slim design. The D-pad is also better than the other versions.


Nintendo Switch Lite has a 5.5 inches screen with a resolution of 1280x720p. It has a high resolution with bright colour and high sharpness. The screen is brighter and eye-relaxing than the Switch console.


Nintendo Switch Lite has a 3570 mAh battery. It lasts about 7 hours. However, the battery of Nintendo Switch lasts up to 9 hours.


Nintendo Switch Lite is the cheapest version of the Switch series. Its price is about $180 to $199 and is easily available in many parts of the world.

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