How To Use Google Translate For Firefox

By Ammarrauf01

Google Translate For Firefox. In this article, you will come up to know how to use google translate for Firefox and how to translate a page on Firefox using extensions. Mozilla Firefox is a very popular web browser. Many users use it on daily basis. It is a good competitor of Google Chrome, but chrome still stays number one. This is because of the features, it provides to its users. One of the most productive features of Google Chrome is its native ability to translate a web page into any language. This ability is not included in Firefox. You need other various methods to translate a page in Firefox. Here, we will discuss how to use google translate for Firefox.

Google Translate For Firefox:

One of the easy ways to translate a page in Firefox is to use Google Translate. You translate a webpage by copying and pasting its URL link in the Google Translate page that is opened in Firefox. Google will return back to the same page, but now a user can translate it.

This method is very easy, but sometimes Google translate fails to translate the page.

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How To Translate A Webpage On Firefox Using Extensions?

The process of translating a webpage from Google Translate in Firefox is a tedious task, but there is another way to translate a webpage. you can translate a page in Firefox by using the extensions. Here are the best translating extensions that are available on Firefox to translate a webpage.

-To Google Translate Extension:

To Google Translate Extension on Firefox is a popular translation extension. It has 621,543 users and over 1000 5-star reviews. After installing the extension, it will be added to the right-click context menu. Follow the steps given below to use this extension:

1.Select the sentence or word that you want to be translated and right-click on it.
2.Click on the To Google Translate option and select the translation language.

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After doing this, this extension will redirect you to the Google translate page and will automatically translate the text.

-ImTranslator Extension:

ImTranslator is another popular translation extension available on Firefox. It has around 164,137 users and 1100 5-star reviews. Unlike the To Google translate extension, it will not redirect you to the Google translation page, rather it will translate the text for you. It is a good extension and you should try it out.

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-Google Translator For Firefox:

Google translator for Firefox is a translating extension with 408,573 users and can translate up to 1100 selected characters at a time. Even with this extension, you can translate the entire page.

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