ENE IO Chip For Sale
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ENE IO Chip For Sale

Super I/O is a class of I/O controller integrated circuits that began to be used on personal computer motherboards in the late 1980s, originally as add-in cards, later embedded on the motherboards. A super I/O chip combines interfaces for a variety of low-bandwidth devices. The functions are usually provided by the super I/O if they are on the motherboard.

Price: 300Rs/Chip

Contact us at #03474115447


  • KB926QF-O2
  • KB3926QF-O2
  • KB926QF-B1
  • KB3926QF-D2
  • KB926QF-CO
  • KB3926QF-A1
  • KB90212QF-A3
  • KB3930QF-A1
  • KB926QF-D3
  • KB3930QF-A1
  • KB9012QF-A3
  • KB926QF-00


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