How To Fix Gmail Not Downloading Attachments

By Ammarrauf01

Gmail Not Downloading Attachments. In this article, you will read about why Gmail is not downloading attachments and how to fix Gmail not downloading attachments issue.

Gmail is one of the most used emailing websites. It is the first choice for sending and receiving emails. But, sometimes it can cause problems like not downloading the attachments from Gmail. Many users have reported this issue. Here, we will first discuss the cause of Gmail not downloading attachments and then troubleshoot the methods to fix this issue.

Why Gmail Is Not Downloading The Attachments?

This bug can occur due to various reasons. Some of them are:

-Corrupted browser cache.
-Experimental features of Gmail.
-Considering the attachment as a threat.
-‘Stops Encrypted Pages From Being Saved’ option is enabled.

How To Fix Gmail Not Downloading Attachments Issue?

Method 1 – Clear Browser Cache:

A corrupted browser cache can be related to various web-related bugs. This can cause the issue of not downloading the attachments. By learning the browser cache, you can fix this issue. To do so:

1.Open Chrome.
2.Press the Ctrl + Shift + Del to open the Clear browsing data prompt.
3.Check all the boxes.
4.Click on the Clear data option.
5.Wait for Chrome to clear your browsing data.

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Method 2 – Disable The Experimental Features Of Gmail:

Gmail has experimental features. These features are still in beta stage development. One feature that is known as Gmail Labs can trigger the issue. If this feature is enabled then try to disable it. To disable the Google Labs, follow the steps given below:

1.Open Gmail in your browser, preferably Chrome.
2.Click on the gear icon located in the upper right corner of the screen.
3.Select the Show all settings option. The settings panel will get open on the screen.
4.Next, click on the Advanced tab.
5.Disable the Auto-advance feature (previously Labs).

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6.In the end, click on Save Changes and reload the page.

Method 3 – Disable Antivirus:

Antivirus can be the cause that Gmail is not downloading the attachments. It is preventing the Gmail from downloading. It may consider the attachment as a threat to the computer. However, the file is not a security threat.

To solve the issue disable the antivirus. After disabling it, check if the problem is solved or not. If not, try other methods to fix this issue.

Method 4 – Disable ‘Block Encrypted Pages From Saving To Disk’ Option:

Windows 10 has the option to prevent the encrypted pages from being saved on the disk. This option can cause Gmail is not to download files. To disable the option, follow the below-given steps:

1.Type Internet Options on the Windows search bar.
2.Select the top option. Internet Properties will get opened on the screen.
3.Select the Advanced tab.
4.In the Settings section, locate and uncheck the Do not save encrypted pages to disk box.

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5.Finally, click on Apply and OK to save the changes.
6.Restart your computer.

Method 5 – Try Switching Browsers:

The last thing that you can try is to switch the browsers. Because, the browser is triggering the issue, rather than the Gmail server.

So, by using another browser you can download the attachments can fix the error.

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